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Thread: Looking For Advice On Buying A New Silicone Pacifier From Pacifiers R US

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    Question Looking For Advice On Buying A New Silicone Pacifier From Pacifiers R US

    I was thinking About Buying A New Silicone Pacifier from Pacifiers R US

    I Am Curious as to What the Difference is between the Regular Stem Pacifiers?

    And also the Long Stem the One On the Right of the Picture.

    Other than the price is there an advantage to how it fits or stays in your mouth or how it feels between the two different Sizes/Models

    Also How Many People Have Purchased One of These and how do you like yours ?

    All Answers and Feedback is Greatly Appreciated, Thanks
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    Here's a photo I took awhile back comparing the Long Stem silicone pacifier to the "normal" Nuk5 nipples:

    On the left is a Nuk5 on a standard NUK guard. Long Stem silicone paci from PacifiersRUs in the middle, and a Nuk5 on the same-style guard on the right.

    Whereas the regular Nuk5 sits towards the end of my tongue, the long stem one sits more along the middle and seems to be more comfortable where its placed. Honestly, I haven't used it enough to give it a real test, though. Its definitely a different sensation - it seems to be a little bit more "rough" feeling than a new rubber Nuk5, which is silky-smooth. Not enough to be a problem, but its probably because I'm -really- used to the classic rubber nipples.

    It does fit really well, though. I don't have problems keeping a regular Nuk5 in my mouth overnight (usually sleep with one in) ...and don't see it being a problem with the long stem one.

    Personally? I like mine, and would buy one again once if I had the extra cash. The thing -is- expensive for what it is. But its a specialty market, and the only one of its kind. You DO get what you pay for, though...and it seems to be -really- well made.

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