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    Does anyone know terms for Adult Baby or Diaper Lover or Babyfur as used in other languages/cultures?
    I know there are people in other countries, but it's very hard to find them, because the translation is not direct.

    I'd love to know, particularly, what terms are used in France and Germany.
    I searched here and saw a thread which suggested that AB/DL/TB etc are used in these countries, but I think there must be localized terms too. Anyone have any info?

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    Well having a diaper fetish in Sweden is having a 'Blöjfetischism'
    and in Finland one would be into 'Vaippafetisismi'.

    I base this on the foreign language Wikipedia pages on Diaper fetishism.

    In China, 戀尿布 roughly means 'Love Urine Cloth'.
    In Japan おむつプレイ means 'Diaper Play'

    But the actual AB/DL/TB and Diaper Lover terms I am unsure of in most languages. I would imagine these are universally used.

    This Infantilisme, couches et bébés adultes - ABDL website based in France, suggests that the French prefer the AB/DL terms.

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    In Japanese also オムツ好き(omutsuzuki) for Diaper Liker (aka Diaper lover) is used

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