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    Default Tommorow night!

    My name is Kevin im in Northeast TN USA and 21, just exploring my sexuality and come to find out im turned on by wearing diapers so this saturday i ordered some bambino bellisimos.
    Now this is my 2nd time being diapered since after being a kid and i could use some help i have wetting issues at times but nothing to warrant actually needing the diaper. It just turns me on im going to try and wear hiding at the house i live with a bunch of other people and would be embarassed if they found out anyway imma just lurk and learn the abdl trade. Im not sure what to do once i actually have the diapers how im going to go about it hiding the diapers and all i have alot to learn

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    The best way to get along at ADISC is to share some of your non AB/DL interests in your intro post. I for example have had a fascination with diapers and related things since I was about ten. But I love Godzilla, Doctor Who, painting and writing. Those are just a handful of things I have in common with some of the people here.

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    Oh well I like video games, music and anime, currently playing Tribes Ascend, a first person shooter on the pc, and just for anime i like Gurren Lagann,FLCL and Ghost in the Shell stuff like that. other than I work at a call center and try to enjoy myself

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    Ah a call center employee. There was a poster at another forum I go to that used to post weekly updates about some of the more interesting customers he had to deal with working as a call center employee. He doesn't post anymore because someone almost got him in trouble with his employer but you can bust a gut laughing at some of the stuff he writes about.

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    My sister used to work for a computer call center. She also had alot of really cool stories of how people broke there computers.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum.

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