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Thread: Darkwing Duck/ Ducktales

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    Default Darkwing Duck/ Ducktales

    Yes, that's right...Another thread by me :O...I'm on a rollllll...But anyways, did anyone ever used to watch these? I want to buy the DVD's of them, since I have VHS of some of them, but not all...And I really like them...I also have the Ducktales movie

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    I remember watching them everday before going to school, I even have the Ducktales's theme download on my computer . It suck that Toon Disney don't show them anymore, I would like to watch it again.

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    I watched these shows!! They are classic Disney cartoons!! I also liked Chip & Dales Rescue Rangers!!

    Here you go...

    YouTube - Duck Tales - Intro Theme (Closed Captions)

    YouTube - Darkwing Duck Intro

    YouTube - Chip 'N' Dale: Rescue Rangers - Intro Theme B (Closed Captions)

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    Dude, does it make me old that I remember the Duck Tales prime-time two-hour world premiere, with the Temple of Gold?

    Duck Tales was super badass. Then Chip N' Dales Rescue Rangers ripped up the world.

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    when I am playing TF2 on the PC I have Duck Tales ready for Mic Spamming. Some people love me for reminding them of the show lol.

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    I used to watch Ducktales alot.. I wanna see the movie again for some reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Those aren't ducks :O
    That what I was going to say.....

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