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Thread: I'm Kind of Nervous, But Hello Everyone :)

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    Post I'm Kind of Nervous, But Hello Everyone :)

    Hi and good morning to you all. I don't know if it's morning already at your time or not, but if you're from a diffrent country then good evneing to you as well.

    I joined on here yesterday after trying to do some research on Diaper Fetishism and what it actually means. After doing some searching, I found out yesterday that I am one of many on here who is a diaper addict. I am really ashame about it because I am a normal being who enjoys life to the fullest.

    But I guess I will discuss more about that later. Let me introudce myself as well as my likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.

    My "real" name is Kasey and I live in the U.S. I am 20, soon to be 21 his month- my birthday is May 19th. I don't know my size or weight too good because I don't really keep track of it.

    I am into animals and prehistoric type creatures. I have been into them sense I was little. I also love cartoons, anime, and just about everything animated. I love writing and usually make my own fanfics/stories whenever I have a great idea for a plot in mind. I am also a wizz at computers and use my PC just about everyday. Though there are often times where I like to get away from it just because of family things.

    Speaking of family, I also love my family. I don't however like the fact that my mom has a proublem with me having an issue with diapers. I did explain to her in confidnce one time about it but she refused to help me. So other than this minor proublem, my family is important to me.

    I hope to become part of the community here as I have found out that I am a diapr lover and hope you all can discuss with me about your stories on diapers as well as issues. I hope I get to explain my history too in how I became a diaper lover.

    That's all for now- I hope you all are having fun with your diapers. And I hope I will be able to have fun like you guys someday, sometime.

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! Don't be nervous--you're among like-minded folks, many of whom have been through the same things you're going through. Your mom doesn't have to be okay with your unusual interest. What's important in the long run is that YOU are okay with it. It can be a healthy part of your life if you keep it in moderation, as with anything else.

    Welcome aboard. Stay dry and happy!

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    ADISC will really help rid you of that ashamed feeling c:

    I'm also nuts about animation! If you ever want to talk, PM me or leave a comment on my page and I'll definitely respond ASAP!

    Welcome! I know you'll love it here

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    Dont be nervous, you picked a great site to join! There is nothing wrong with wearing diapers at all. From the sound of it you are like most people here who live a double life, a diaper life and your common everyday life. There is nothing to be ashamed of, welcome to the site

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    Hi CaseKase. Welcome to ADISC. You will find a massive amount of information, and support, here at ADISC that will help you come to terms with your interest in diapers. Please don't be nervous or shy about being here, or asking questions. You are among friends, and like-minded people here. Take care, and enjoy exploring the site.

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