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    So i started seeing this girl who is 20 (im 20 also), and she lives with her mom still. so this girl knows i wear and like diapers for fun 24/7, and she wore a diaper the other day when i went and hung out with her and when i left she peed in it and was wearing it around her mom with only boxers over it to cover up the noise (it was a depends with tabs).

    Well a few things were posted on her facebook wall and her mom found out and she told her mom she didnt wear one and that i needed to wear them because i cant control it. On Friday i am going over for dinner and im afraid if i tell her the wrong thing i will get sent home and not be able to date this girl any more (it sucks because i live an hour away). And im also supposed to somehow get my girlfriend 2 packs of huggies on friday and i dont know how to get them into her house for her. (she is like 5' 1" tall and like 85lbs. so baby diapers fit her amazingly)

    So im hoping that more mature older people could help me out and tell me what to say

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    Well I'd like to start by saying that I hope this girl is eating right because if she is 20 y/o and is weighing 85 lbs, somethings gotta be wrong... my wife is 5'3" and slim and even she weighs 125.. but anyway thats not the point lol. Well i dont think you should be worried about going to her house because if her mom understands that you "use because you have bladder problems" then you'll be fine, in the end it just matters if the girl likes/is ok with it. It would be really dumb of her mom to kick you out and ban you from dating her simply because you have a "bladder problem" (even though you dont) As for the huggies, coordinate with her about studying together so that way you can put it in your backpack or in her backpack, or you can coordinate with her on what day to come over if her mom isnt there, its not that hard you just have to do it when no one is around, i mean if she is really wants these huggies, she'll go through the trouble of trying to find a way to make it happen without her mom finding out, but dont let her make you risk being found out just because you are desperate to get her diapers.. Coordination is key.

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    Well, I'm so old I creak when I move...but i'll toss in my 2 cents for what it's worth.

    #1 If the girl told her mother you need to problem, she (the mom) isn't going to bring it up. It's not exactly dinner conversation!
    #2 If the girl told her mother she doesn't wear diapers, she might want to hold off on getting them until things cool down with the 'mom

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