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Thread: Neopets!

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    I actually used to, but I forgot my username and password so I stopped going.

    Perhaps one day soon I will return to it! The games are fun

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    Why have neopets when you can have... Spore pets!?

    I never liked neopets really. I think I had a account there and played with it for like 2 days when I was a kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KilionTheFallenAngel View Post
    haha neopets? i played that when i was like...9
    Same here.

    I never really go on there. Infact, I didn't hang around long when I first went on that site either.

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    NeoPets are about as badass as you can get. At least they used to be. I haven't been there in YEARS so I don't know what its like.

    But yeah, I remember playing that stuff like an addict when I was 11. Honestly if it wasn't for NeoPets I may not be as acquainted with computers as I am now (it was the first thing that got me onto the internet).

    I used to spend hours and hours at the public library down my street playing NeoPets before I got my own computer... so yeah... it's pretty awesome.

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    I do, I think my name is weswissa...

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    I remember that!
    Half the time I still went on there, it was for the RP boards though. XD;

    My username is Neomage2456, though I'm never on anymore. Don't really like the way it looks like it's gone. >.>;

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    I had like millions and millions of neopoints because I am a lucky little 6-year-old douche who finds stuff and my account inexplicably disappeared. Haven't been back since. :angry:

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    I've been wanting to go back to it... I have a Shoyru plushie, and two petpet plushies >_>;

    But alas... I like some kind of immediate results, and I could never succeed with that game lol. Fighting was complicated, getting items was complicated, having -fun- was complicated. Arg.

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