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Thread: Newbie - Christian, Straight-Edge, AB/DL

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    Post Newbie - Christian, Straight-Edge, AB/DL

    Hello everybody. I'm tmg07.

    Friend and user "binkygirl" suggested that I tried this site.

    I'm still getting used to the exact navigation of the site and used to all of its features.

    I've been an ab/dl since I was about 15, but I've been interested in diapers my entire life. I guess that you might say that I never truly grew up; I always wanted to be in diapers and maintain my youth.

    IN any case, I am a Christian, Straight Edge person, and an ab/dl. Those can be hard things to include together, but somehow I manage.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say HI to everyone, and hope to make some new friends on this site. Take care, and god bless.

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    Hallo and welcome! Hope you enjoy ADISC and find it informative. :-)

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC, tmg07. I hope you are able to enjoy the great community here!

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    Hey i'm christian (well ish, i'm not a very good one) i personally think that god does not mind as long as it makes you happy!

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    Just remember to not allow your AB desires to interfere and overtake with your relationship with God. "Thou shalt not have any other gods before me."

    But otherwise, welcome, fellow straight-edge Christian!
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    Welcome indeed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Warlock918 View Post
    Just remember to not allow your AB desires to not interfere and overtake with your relationship with God. "Thou shalt not have any other gods before me."

    Oh, and ignore the "Athiests" discussion if you can help it. Talking to athiests about their beliefs is kind of pointless over the internet. People on both sides of the debate get prideful and just look up a lot of their answers. It becomes a "who is smarter" fight instead of a useful discussion.

    Happy to have you around!

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    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes. I hope to find many friends on this site. I would also like to invite you all to take a look at my group entitled "C.A.D.E. - Christian Adult Diaper Enthusiasts."

    The link for said group can be found via my profile page.

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