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Thread: My paci makes my mouth hurt, I need a new one.

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    Unhappy My paci makes my mouth hurt, I need a new one.

    I have a paci but its just a cheap light up one I got outta a vending machine at an arcade ages ago. I like using it but it makes my jaw hurt.

    The problem is that I have jaw problems to begin with that cause my jaw to lock up. It's very painful and can last for a while once it starts and there's nothing I can do to make it stop except wait it out.

    I've looked up stuff on paci's but I don't know which kinds would help cause I've only ever used the one, so I was hopping someone with more experience would have ideas.

    So I was wondering if anyone knows of a different kind of paci I could get that wouldnt aggrivate my jaw as much? And if so what store could I get it at?(I can't order off the internet)

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    There's a great article on here about Pacifiers. In general, any grocery or convenience store should have baby pacifiers. You're best off getting the biggest ones they have. I like the NUK "size 3" (advertised as 18+ months, I think). There are MAM 6+ month models which are decent-sized, as well, although I've found those less comfortable.

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    As someone with a long history of paci trouble when I was younger (had one till I was 3) I can try and help out the best I can here. Firstly can you answer a couple questions for me if you would?

    1.) How many hours a day do you use it? How long do you suck on it before it starts hurting?
    2.) What jaw problems do you specifically have? If you cannot answer, describe the pain.
    3.) Did you have one when you were younger?

    They make orthodonic pacis you can get at places like Walgreens (Nuks) but they are specifically made to prevent tooth misalignment, not so much jaw issues. The act of sucking is more of the specific problem rather than the paci itself.

    Do you have general jaw pain from any sucking and swallowing motions besides the paci?

    The above article PaciTop posted does explain some good brands and places nicely, but doesn't address users that have mouth problems from a result of their usuage.
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    1)I dont use it for very long because it starts to hurt after a minute or two of me having it in.

    2) Its a progressive degenerative arthritic condtion. the way the dentist described it was that you know how on your lower jaw you have the horizontal part where your teeth are and the on the sides there are the two vertical parts that go up and hook onto your top jaw, well on me one side of the vertical part has sorta dissolved or been worn away so its like half the size it should be. This makes my jaw lock up for a while and then I cant open my mouth all the way till it goes away.Other things beside the paci will make it lock up, like really hard or chewy foods. The pain is a combo of like a dull constant ache and a sharp stabbing pop of pain if I try to force my jaw open. Also my teeth arent straight.

    3)I think I had a paci when i was little but it wasnt what messed my teeth up, they just came in weird when i lost my baby teeth. I stopped using it probably before I turned 2cause I didnt have it in daycare/preschool or anything.

    And yeah I read the article about paci's but it mostly talks about like the shape and sizes and types of nipples and sheilds, I dont remember it saying anything about dental problems but I'll read it again.Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmicteapot
    Its a progressive degenerative arthritic condtion.
    If memory serves that's in the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) family of disorders which affects that joint. Given that disorder and what you described here....

    I dont use it for very long because it starts to hurt after a minute or two of me having it in.
    Getting a different kind of paci isn't going to solve the problem unfortunately, not even an orthodontic one. Actually sucking on a paci is just going to aggravate your condition and make it worse when it comes to TMJ. I'm sure your dentist went over with you what to avoid (such as gum chewing, for example). Given that it happens so fast after only limited use, I would advise avoiding the habit all together. However...

    You can still keep it in your mouth as long as you rest your jaw (no sucking motions at all) as keeping the teeth apart is actually therapeutic with TMJ disorders. Also you can talk to your dentist again about the problem (bring up sucking through a straw. sucking on suckers) and see if he can give you recommendations on minimizing pain or alternatives. Try just holding it in your mouth, if it creates pain, discontinue use or try an anti-inflammatory drug.

    I'm really sorry to say a different type of paci isn't going to help. You can get a much softer paci just to hold in your mouth, but the act of sucking on it is the inherent problem. Again, consult your dentist.

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    It is tmj I remeber him calling it that now. Thanks for the help I think I'm gonna get one of the flatter ones then to just sorta hold in my mouth, unless I do quit altogether which shouldnt be too hard since even though I like it I don't use it very often cause of the pain.

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    You might consider PT(Physical Therapy) for your tmj, if you can afford it does wonders I have tmj for a long time and would get pain lock out now as long as I do my targeted jaw exercises I generally pain free and can use my nuk5's nuk 7 and cherry pop for about an hour before my jaw starts to hurt where I could not even chew gum before, or my jaw would grind so hard that temps in my inner ear would exceed 102F. I will say this on the paci's the little ones still hurt jaw after only a few minutes as they make more motion necessary than a properly sized one. I would get the PT for yourself more than for the paci as being a suffer of tmj PT has been one of the best medical investments I have ever made. I use to need narcotics to make it through the day for my jaw now it is a rare occurrence after 3 month's of PT for my jaw and now staying on a maintenance program, aka keeping up with your exercises. You tend to stay in remission of your symptoms in ever longer growing segments. I cannot recommend PT enough I have had PT for several other problems I have as well and it has done more for me than any pill ever has with lasting results, that include reduced if not eliminated pain, and overall better physical condition and appearance.

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    I've had PT for another medical condtion and it work ok-ish. It's been awhile since I went to the dentist, but I remember him saying that there isnt really anything they can do about it other than dangerous invasive surgery that involves putting a metal plate into my jaw or replacing my jaw with a meatl plate I can't remember exactly.

    sucks. Normally having it doesnt bother me I just avoid the things that set it off but it sucks when I have to avoid the things I really like...but ehhh thats life I suppose just gotta adjust and move on I guess.

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    Well that is unfortunate, they caught mine before the bone was worn to far down, so PT was still a good option for me. I wish I could help but in the case that you have I think you are making the right decision by choosing not to aggravate the situation.

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    is it possible that you are tensing up when you have the binnky in?
    in other words, don't bit down on it, or put a lip-lock on it and suck 7 inch's of vacuum.
    be gentle, pretend it's your mothers / girlfriends tit.
    take your time and enjoy it as if it were the very delicate thing that it is.......

    PS. the mam 6+ is a good place to start as said earlier....

    brought to you by the bunnies......
    (waving at adella)

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