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Thread: Civilization players unite!

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    Default Civilization players unite!

    Huzzah, any other Civ players around here? I'm typically into playing Civ IV multiplayer these days, and was wondering if anyone else did as well. Perhaps could play a few games, and if you have skype, even better. Also started up a group: Civilization Fans -

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    I love the Civilization series, Civ4 is better than Civ5 in my opinion, but I have played and enjoyed all of them.

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    Yeah, I think I'm just going to wait for Civilization VI or something before dumping Civ IV + Expansions. Though I wish some Civ games would do a bit more with futuristic eras rather than just Future Tech.

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    I got Civ 5 the base game on Steam. I enjoy it a lot and I can'ty see why civ 4 players hate it. It just seems more streamlined/ easier to understand and its actually rather easy to get into. It's a lot like risk' but involves WAY more skill in managment. though it's not hard at all to get into (Civ 5 at least)

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    I have Civ 4 and 5, and like them for different reasons. My current preference is Civ 5 though.

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