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Thread: 3 months on the road... feels soooo good to be home!

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    Default 3 months on the road... feels soooo good to be home!

    I haven't been near a computer or within 1,000 miles of home for the past 3 months. One of my lifelong dreams ever since I was little was to be an OTR trucker... opportunities like this one don't come along much esp since I just got my CDL on my 21st birthday last October...I was on Craigslist one day and found a guy sellin an '89 Kenworth for 7500.00 and ended up buyin it from him. Got a good contract which is worth 50,000 in January and started haulin... just got back from Seattle after dropping a load at a Walmart there.... it's good to be home! Until June 15th I am home then back on the road for 3 more months......

    My ol '76 Mercedes has been sitting under a tarp in our carport for 3 months and it fired right up like it had been waiting on me... man it feels good to be back!

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    I've always wondered, what do you do while you're driving thousands of miles between destinations? Do you just, like, eat food and listen to music, or what?

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    Pretty much lol.... it speaks for itself I gained 9 pounds... surprised I didn't gain more than that... truckstop food lol

    But good lord this thing has a Detroit Diesel in it... its actually a straight six and damn does that thing scream... who needs a radio

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