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Thread: Kanone's hiatus is over, yes :3

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    Default Kanone's hiatus is over, yes :3

    Hey guys, I dunno if any of you remember me or not, but I kinda disappeared for a while. I accomplished very little other than starting my transition, buuuuut I guess that's life :3 But yeah, a friend I met on another site convinced me to come back here and, welp, here I am!

    For those who don't know me, here are some quick details:
    I'm trans, identifying as a female
    I'm a writer and I might start writing stories here
    I'm also an artist, and some of my art can be found around the net
    I'm an anime and manga fan, and I love rom-coms like I''s and Strawberry 100%
    I'm a huge music addict, and I prefer rock and country, and also J-rock
    I'm very open minded and unless you pose a threat to anyone, I won't judge any interest you may have (I mean, c'mon, look where we are)
    I collect plushies and action figures
    And I love questions, sooooo feel free to ask me any question :3

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    Welcome back ^_^, I dident read much but, im glad your back im afraid i dont remember you, or you wernt around when i was.

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    If you joined this year, then no you wouldn't remember me :3 I haven't been on for over a year, probably close to a year and a half.And even then I was off and on for some periods of time, but this was my longest hiatus :3

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