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    Last post got me to thinking. Technology is always changing, and new tecniques are emerging all of the time.

    Supposing that some technology was developed that could accomplish a full, in depth transformation, would you make use of that technology to transform yourself, into whatever physical form you might be able to achieve or desire, even bearing in mind physical and societal effects which might arise from such a transformation? Figure on things that would be physically possible accrding to existing biology and physics/chemistry.

    Please reply with yes/no/maybe, details as to what you might change, what you might expect to see as positive/negative consequences, how this might be accomplished in the (relatively) near future, and any other insight you might have.

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    Maybe. I would want a very high survivabilty factor, and the ability for a very detailed anaylisis of the specific changes made. I would like to have increased intelligence (ie, ability to think faster and in more detail, and more accurately, than today's most powerfull supercomputers. physically, I might go for adaptability (ie, direct control of physical growth on the cellular/molecular level), and, with more limited technology, more towards a avian (bird-like) winged body form capable of physical flight under earth-normal conditions. I would design for maximum survivability in a 'wild' environment, more towards the predatory/omnivourous than herbivorious.

    More than likely, I would loose physical stature and weight/mass, and result in different body proportions (fliying species usually have a greater concentration of muscle in the upper body, and very long upper limbs(wing). I would absolutely keep some form of dexterous limbs (ie, hands with at least one opposable thumb), probably with more philanges (finger bones), possibly double jointed. I would go for enhanced hearing, sight, and other senses.

    Posible technologies which might be utilized would be: Nano-technology, Bio technoloyg(genetic seqencing, biologically engineered systems such as a-life), biologicall computing systems (ie, cellular-scale self-replicating super-computer nodes, biologically powered) with biological plus genetic read/write/edit capability), and conventional surgical techniques. such an approach would result in a slow metamorphosis-like transformation, rather than a fast transformation, as most biological growth takes weeks to months to complete. (catapiller-butterfly, various species pregancy/hatching term intervals, processes such as maturation ('growing up'), puberty, molting, limb regeneration of lizards, etc.)

    Possible 'side effects'. Everything that goes with a physically smaller form; likely increased food requirements (increased metabolism), social Ostracism (basically increased notice, curiosity, attention, approval/dissaproval, etc). Furniture difficulties (what sort of chair do you use with a tail?), issues with doors (how do you get a 4' wide furled wingspan through a 3' wide door??), etc.

    I think such technologies might be as near as say, 5-25 years, if a very detailed and concerted effort were made towards that end. we would have to completly understand nearly all aspects of DNA and molecular biochemistry before such could be achieve, however.

    Much more thorough than a surgical or micro-surgical approach (your cells would still have dna that would code for human normal), and likely less 'invasive', as the body itself would be 'doing' the re-structuring (with guidance and micro-scale assistance)

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    As I am a furry and a white tiger, I would love to be transformed into an anthro white tiger. I would still want to have hand/paws and to walk on two legs (digitigrade) ? I love being in my fursuit even though it is hot in there. I suppose some kind of natural cooling system works in animals. I know that dogs sweat through their tongue. I am not so sure how it works with big cats. If enough of us were on this earth and not looked at as freaks it would be okay. I act like a cat most of the time anyway/ (eccept for work and around parents) mostly.

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    I'd love to be my fursona (tiger), and have increased intelligence, strength, balance, etc.

    Though, if/when this technology does become available, it would cost hundreds of thousands, if not, millions for this kind of procedure, so, unless you're super-rich, it would still just be a dream.

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    I have a feeling that if the technology was available, society wouldn't allow other people to change themselves into animals. There would be such a rediculous amount of controversy over the subject and there's almost no possibility of our collective culture to approve and accept the use of the extensive surgery that would most likely be implemented, but also the testing of animals (both non-human as well as human) that would probably be necessary to achieve a procedure of this magnitude. Not to mention that people would also fight this because we are humans, not animals and a change like this 'just 'ain't good or moral'.

    Even if this was possible, available and I had the money, I still wouldn't do it. It would be absolutely amazing and wonderful to be a husky, anthro or not, I daydream about it every day of my life. However, it would hinder my ability to be a productive person. I doubt that anybody would give me employment and I'd be outcasted. Also, a lot of people would most likely want to have intercourse with me. Let's face it, if you had an unrealistic fetish that came to life, wouldn't you want to?

    Overall, I don't think it would be accepted. If it were, I wouldn't do it because it would hinder my ability to live. I've always wanted to be a dog and I always will, but I'll stick to just putting on a costume and dancing around.

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    I would love to be my fox fursona for reals..and if possible even be a real foxtaur! that'd be so amazing! I wouldnt care about the consequences as long as I could be the real me i feel inside

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyanne View Post
    I wouldnt care about the consequences as long as I could be the real me i feel inside
    Yeah, I don't care if someone has a problem with who I am, they can shove their opinion up their arse, 'cause it doesn't make any difference to me.

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    They still canīt handle a man becoming a woman. So I doubt they would accept anybody becoming an animal.
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    I'd have to agree with kvetinka. Though I wouldn't mind becoming a large blue & white, pink highlighted ferret. It would most likely be achieved by extensive advanced gene therapy, probably over the course of a year or so. I'd want to keep my opposable digits, though if they can make me female too then digitigrade legs wouldnt be a big problem.

    My only requirement would be that I not be the only one undergoing anthromorphing and that hopefully my boyfriend would do it too. That said, you could always negate the animal testing/ astronomical expense by being one of the first initially human guineapigs for the procedure. Though it wouldnt be without its risks.

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    Dragoven, I agree almost 100% with your description of how I would alter myself as well, and where I would go and live (in the wilderness away from mankind). So, you spared me most of the typing there, lol. Your description reminded me of the James Patterson series 'Maximum Ride'. I had a similar topic in the games section a while ago titled "How would you alter yourself". As you can see, I definitely agree with you, lol!

    Quote Originally Posted by kvetinka View Post
    They still canīt handle a man becoming a woman. So I doubt they would accept anybody becoming an animal.
    That is exactly why I'd fly off into the wilderness. With such an advanced mind, I am certain I could create a very comfy way of life for myself. I'm sure I could carry armloads of materials small enough so as not to make flight impossible, and carry them deep into the wilderness and build myself a nice home. With the ability of flight, I'd live in such a remote area that the only way to ever get close to me would be by flight (either machine or biological).

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