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Thread: Does being an AB deter you from wanting kids?

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    Default Does being an AB deter you from wanting kids?

    I was recently thinking about this. A lot of AB stuff relies on roleplaying into of regression, for some submission, a desire to enter a mental state of vulnerability and the feelings of someone else taking care of you generally. In other words, being treated as a younger version of yourself, and/or temporarily being dependant on another person.

    For those of you that enjoy and indulge in this do you ever find that the idea of getting married, or for those already married, the idea of having kids kind of dissipates over time, or doesn't come into the picture at all?

    I mean having a partner in life, is obviously a priority for many, but in being able to indulge in roleplays or ageplays or spending any set time on this hobby or lifestyle, does the idea of having children, who will actually be dependant on you for the first 18 years of their life and sometimes longer seem like too much?

    I guess my general question is of all of you that are either single,in relationships, or married but don't have kids, is your decision to have them or not have them affected by your AB side.

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    Not wanting kids deters me from wanting kids. Being an ABDL has nothing to do with that.

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    Being AB/DL doesn't deter me from having kids, it's more the financial support I'd be able to give them that deters it. Indulging in my AB/DL side gets expensive and fast.

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    I have a one year old son so being an ABDL didn't stop me from wanting them. I did think I would stop doing it of course but I am too attached to my diapers to even quit. If I lose interest in them, great but then it comes back. Plus you can do your baby time just like how parents do their sex after they have kids. They just need to make room for it.

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    i still want kids a boy and a girl, the only thing that concerns me is if they see me wearing diapers all the time then they may want to. so the questions then becomes should i let them wear diapers or be a more responsible parent and not let them. the thing is if a kids is wearing a diaper past a specific age and someone finds this out and find that a parent is abdl, it can be considered child abuse, because being abdl is an "adult" fetish.

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    I see it as a big incompatibility in the actual potential to get into a relationship and in a position to have kids. First you need a partner who accepts it, which massively limits things, then you need to decide if you continue the stuff whilst bringing up kids and absolutely that has to be something very private and even then there are too many risks. So really it's one thing or the other.

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    It slightly does for me. However the main reason I don't want kids is they are a handful, costs a lot and in all honesty I have no desire to pass my genes (also known as my dad and moms) on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangermouse View Post
    I see it as a big incompatibility in the actual potential to get into a relationship and in a position to have kids.
    This is me too. Having kids and being an AB/DL are two things for me but having a girlfriend/wife is the big problem I can see. Sure having an AB/DL wife would be awesome and the easy way around it but I don't see this happening so I would need to find someone who at least accepts this side of me (participation would be awesome of course) because having a stable relationship is important when it comes to raising kids and I don't want something like this to be the reason we couldn't provide that.

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    I don't particularly want kids, maybe that will change, I don't know. But being a TB/DL has no impact on that.

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    I want kids, twin girls and a boy would be ideal, I think my CT side makes me want them even though I'm still a little young, but my AB side doesn't deter me just makes me enthusiastic about extra curricular activities like getting them involved in scouting, football or dance classes, drop them off a few hours of AB and then pick them up again, and friends houses would be just as good

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