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Thread: The fox who never gave up his dream.

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    Post The fox who never gave up his dream.

    I have been working toward the perfect system for quite a long time (audio), and I finally think overkill is ready (expect pictures soon)
    1 15" Fi Audio SSD on 1000w amp (REAL 1000w, not fake stuff that has marketing written all over it, Rockford Fosgate watts is real watts, wired at 2ohm)
    2 15" BOSS Audio SPL Riot Subwoofers (wired in at 2ohm)
    1 12" Pioneer Champion w307d2 (wired in as a desk shaker, behind my desk designed to push massive quantities of air, wired in parallel so 4ohm )
    sadly I sold the 10s, but it was a loss I was willing to take, I have monies now (and monies is good because that means well... more nappies! )

    the Fi subs however, are the best cost effective subwoofers in the market, and there is no way you can say it isnt either, a Fi Q has a lower THD than most of monitor audios line (low distortion bass, a true ground pounder), cast frame, dual-2 coils, triple stacked 160oz plates (thats 30 pounds of magnetic force!), have this massively large bad boy in a 4 cu.ft. box tuned to 33hz

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    And just think next week, or next month it will all be obsolete.

    I love music as much as the next guy,but once it gets so loud you can't hear it anyway, and if you do listen to it that loud, the next thing you will need is a hearing aid.

    I'm not trying to be a smart a$$ here, but you need to give the sound equipment thing a break, your more than likely spending everything you earn on electronic equipment that has a short life span, and will have no or little value in the near or distant future.

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    if I can hear you in belgium, the system is good!

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    For most of my I have been crazy about speakers, the next one better than the last. For some of us, it's just what we do. I think I finally have what I want with my Infinity Beta 50s, and my Polk Audio sub. Then there's my Mackie 450s. But for some of us, it's always an obsession.

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    Is that this sub?:

    Fi SSD 15 [audiojunkies]

    If so, that driver is an impressive looking beast, but despite what they suggest, the box seems a touch too small for it. If you give it some room to breath and tune it down, you'll get much more satisfying deep bass without the masking effect of boom at 40Hz. (Try 8ft^3 @20Hz)

    If you've got the resources, give it a try. By the way, do you have any measurement equipment? (You can mod a panasonic mic insert and make a very cheap but quite accurate measurement mic see: System Test )

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    I've got these two 16 inch woofers I gotta hook up to my stereo, I don't think they'll sound too good since the sides are ripped and they are only 90 Watts each..

    Man I'd kill for a stereo like yours, I love loud music but suck when it comes identifying, and hooking up the speakers.

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    I'm not really an audiophile myself, so I'll just take your word for it that that is an awesome system.

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    it isnt really built high power to be loud, I built it for extension, and yes, this is a Fi SSD 15, I've heard a lot about em so I had to get one, and by golly, these dont even sound like 15s, these sound like 18s, they sound much deeper than most 15s i've ever heard

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    Quite trying to make your penis seam longer by Saying you got this awesome system. XD Joking.

    No but seriously Do you have any recommendations for someone looking to make an OK 300$ sound system for his computer.

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    you can do what I did and cheat the system, here, let me explain what im talking about.

    first off, get a computer power supply (50$)
    second, hack it down leaving the green wire, all black wires, and all yellow wires (or what ever is designated to be +12)
    third, cross the green wire and a ground wire, this will cause the power supply to turn on when it gets power
    fourth, hook the +12 line up to the +12V (BAT) and REM line of the amp, and connect the ground to the GRN (BAT-), this will cause your amp to turn on when the power supplys on.

    thats real cheap power under 120 bucks, you can put like 70 or so on 6x9s and buy some prefabs, and you got an excellent sounding system for under 300$ (prices may vary, all depends on the 6x9s you got, judging if you went to parts express for the items, you spent around 250)

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