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Thread: :P im a lurker

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    Default :P im a lurker

    lurker sounds like some sort of monster....i like it.
    hi my name is shrapnel real name eric most people call me the crazy zebra.
    i am a avid gamer and am on my way to defeating dark souls.(PSN:godofwar50)
    add me if ya want just tell me where you got my psn .

    im not much of a sport guy but i fence(ive gone to international competitions) and play airsoft.
    i sculpt and watch MLP:fim in my spare time.
    love scary moves and the such.
    wait now im not a lurker

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    Welcome ^_^, Its not bad being a lurker dont worry xD, An Im glad you came out from being one Love to see new people talking,

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    Lurker is a rank given to people who have joined for a while and have not posted.If you ask Moo nicely i'm sure he will give you back your title .
    Welcome aboard!

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