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    Default Whats the difference

    I was just wondering what the difference between an abena m2 and m4 is

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    it is the absorbancy level, a m2 is less absorbent then an m4, the higher the number the better.

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    also remember that higher numbers mean thicker padding, both in the front/back, and in the crotch. You may find too wide of padding in the crotch is uncomfortable, or irritates your thighs when you walk, or makes you develop a "waddle". (so, less stealthy)

    It also can be harder to side-sleep with a thick-crotch diaper.

    And the cost per diaper is also higher. (and fewer in a bag/case)

    I find 4's are good for home and overnight, but I prefer 3's when out and about, and they're more economical.

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    Yep, kitty3 has got it right. Its all about the absorbancy and amount of absorbent material in them. According to XP Medical, M2's (Super) hold about 50oz of fluid, and M4's hold 75oz.

    Though, one thing to note: From personal experience, I can tell you that M4's are a LOT thicker than M2s.

    Here's a breakdown that XPMedical did of several different diapers...from total capacity to cost, if you're interested: Adult Diaper Review and Testing

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