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    Default The most economical diaper

    What, in your opinion, is the most economical diaper you can buy these days? Meaning, what diaper is the cheapest per hour. I'm guessing IC people would know a lot about this topic.


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    This could go one of several ways depending on how you use the diaper. If you just wear and never wet, a durable diaper would be best. If you wet occasionally, a medium capacity one would be better. If you wet lightly but then need to change frequently, a low capacity diaper would be best.

    Clumping can be an issue even with a dry diaper too if you're going to be wearing for awhile. I'll change into a fresh diaper if the one I'm wearing is getting too clumped up even if it's dry.

    So I'll just throw out one suggestion, if you are only interested in BEING padded, and will only be wetting say, just before changing time anyway, and you don't have high volume or flooding wets, go with Assure.

    Assure Brand Briefs @

    $35+ship gets you almost 100 (plastic shell medium) diapers. They're 100% pulp, so the capacity isn't too good, but they have a medium thickness and don't have much in the way of unwanted markings on them. For that price, you could go through 2-3 diapers a day for a buck a day, which is hard to beat. The mediums are even white! (large are blue... )

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    Depends on your needs. How secure do you need to be? If occasional leaks are ok then lower end products are going to be far cheaper and well worth it. If leaks are out of the question then you have no choice but to get a better quality diaper. Look and feel also are important factors; if you don't mind being in a soggy, clammy, smelly diaper the cost will be lower, but if you want comfort, minimal odor, and peace of mind the extra cost is worth it.

    Overall, the most economical system is to not wear diapers at all, but if you intend to wear 24/7... Store brand tape on briefs work well enough to get the job done (likely not at night however) and with coupons and careful shopping you can get the costs really low. Would it be worth it? Not likely. Rash, leaks, discomfort, and odor would all add up to a greater overall cost that isn't economic, but should be factored in. Cloth diapers are also much cheaper if you get the right ones (or the wrong ones as cheap cloth diapers are horrible) and don't mind bulk, leaks, odor, and lots of unpleasant laundry.

    Overall, incontinence is not about cutting costs as much as possible, it is about finding the product which works for your needs. Insurance, family support, and other sources of aid are available to those which need it so that they don’t have to use the cheapest diapers around. Also try to consider the economical costs of leaking at work, money spend of creams and ointments, diminished productivity due to discomfort, leaks, anxiety, extra changes etc.

    I’m not saying that you have to go out and buy cases of teddies or cushies, but abena, attends, molicare, tranquility, dry 24/7 etc will cost more per hour for your diapers than certainty or assurance guaranteed, but an extra dollar or two per day gives a lot more benefits than is reflected in pure economic shortcuts.

    Each of these higher end products has their own features and there isn’t a universal best answer on what to get. People are shaped differently as are diapers, what leaks every time for one person is the most effect diaper for another. The really expensive diapers like dry 24/7 are worth it to some people because of their thickness etc, but most don’t find them worth the cost. What is best for you is what leaks the least, is most comfortable for you, and still is within your budget; you need to try them to figure out what is best for you.

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    The cheapest "per hour" diaper would be a cloth diaper. For 35 I can get a cloth diaper, 10 more for the plastic pants, total of 45 diapers, I know that 1/2 the price of a case of disposable, but over the life of the diaper I will wear it per hour 2 to 3 times the time of a case of disposable diapers, but cloth is not for every one, but I love the feeling of a nice thick cloth diaper. Yes you do have to wash them, and they will last longer if you hang dry them (I have a room in my home I hang them to dry and it takes 2 days to dry since they are not outside) But it is worth it (well to me)

    Mind you if you are wearing 24/7 you might want to do cloth only at night and at home, I have found if put on correctly cloth diapers will hold a lot more then a high end disposable, I can get 6 to 7 full bladder wetting in mine before they leak out of the plastic pants, but putting the Plastic pants on is not just pull them up, you have to tuck them in around the leg openings and waist to make sure they are not going to leak. but cloth diapers will be to thick to wear under normal day clothing. But during the day you probably will be changing more often when out and about (smell will still be an issue) so you would use some cheap disposable (store brands might be good enough)

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    Tranquility ATNs at $0.95ea by the case hold almost as much as Abena M-4s costing $1.43ea in case lots especally with the quality of the M-4s worsining with every case I've ordered. Mollicare $1.77, Wellness $1.45 as well as tena and Kendall are not in the capacity-longetivety leauge. Dry 24/7s at $1.65ea cost too much, suffer pinhole leaks and are too thick for long tearm comfort. The ATNs have a nice soft plastic cover but I find the mediums small, large way huge and forget the blue tapes though the white ones do hold well. If the next case of M-4s is worse again I'll go all ATNs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    Tranquility ATNs at $0.95ea by the case hold almost as much as Abena M-4s costing $1.43ea in case lots especally with the quality of the M-4s worsining with every case I've ordered.
    That's really unfortunate about the M4's. I was considering jumping on a case of Air-plus M4's but I don't want to order it and regret it. I have a bunch of ATN smalls which are very tiny on me (though they fit). They do tend to hold a lot so I might try the mediums. The cloth diapering makes a lot of sense and I might invest into that more. Anybody think the Walmart brand is livable?

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    Assurences are very inexpensive, stay on if you staple the tabs on but hold very little. Regular M-4s are pretty good but the air-plus suck. Samples are available It is worth trying them for your self if you can just for the fun of it.

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