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Thread: License! Wooot!

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    Cool License! Wooot!

    Hey fellas and... felletes? I've recently gotten my drivers license and i have a free night where my parents are going out and my friends/girlfriend are all busy so i think i'm going to make my first trip alone. (A little backstory, i had a best friend(were still friends but not as close anymore) that went with me for my first two diaper runs. My first was girls goodnites, and second was baby dry 6's.) Now, the baby dry six's just fit and although they don't fit like they would a baby, obviously. I still really really enjoy them, and i'm even able to wet them better then the goodnites. Plus the babyish look and feel really makes the experience. Tonight i'm planning on getting at least two different types. As my persona has changed a little and "pull-ups" have gotten into my fantasies more then full blown diapers i really want to try pull-ups preferably the princess ones. I know it's going to be a very tight squeeze, but do you guys think i have a shot? I'm around a 31 inch waist and 145 pounds. Now for a second one, i'm not sure what else to try..maybe the cruiser? Any ideas on either of them guys? Thanks in advance.

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    Well I know for a fact that the cruisers stretch more and as far as baby diapers go they hold a decent amout. However I do not know about the princess pull ups I've never been brave enough to risk getting them to find out they don't fit. But I'm pretty sure if you fit the baby dry the crusiers will fit just cuz they stretch a little bit more. Well good luck and I hope you have fun with your new license yay!

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    (I need to just do one of these that compares all the Pampers and Huggies products...)

    Pull-Ups are unfortunately one of the smallest diapers out there. Next to the Baby Dry 6, the 4T/5T Pull-Ups are about 3" shorter and 3" narrower in the crotch. You'll probably have to cut away a bit of the elastic to widen the leg holes, otherwise they'll just pop immediately when you try to Pull them Up.

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    Damn it. I'm not sure if it's worth it now. I was really excited about trying the pulls ups too, i don't really want to do a lot of work to them, IE mods and such. From my little bit of research sense posting this and the responses in the thread i think the cruisers are definitely a good choice. I'm looking to experiment around and i'm not a fan of the goodnites. Anyone have any suggestions on what else to try?

    Also, thanks for the help guys!

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    Cruisers will be a little less tight in the waist, but are at best the same length as Baby Dry (they're sized differently). I posted this elsewhere a few days ago:

    Sadly, Goodnites are the only kid/baby pull-up diaper that is longer than a Baby Dry 6! The next best is Underjams L/XL, which is equal. (L/XL--right!) Easy-Ups are next, at an inch shorter, and finally there's Pull-Ups. The problem with all of them is that they are very narrow in the crotch, which means not a lot of room down there for a guy. Which means leaky.

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    Well this stinks . Now, i know the cruisers 7 are hard to find, do you know a store that does carry them because i know cvs does not..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatOneGuy95 View Post
    do you know a store that does carry them because i know cvs does not..
    Babies 'R' Us. Great place to test your in-person diaper-buying skills, too.

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    :/ ahaha. That i can, it scares me a little to go there though. I know the cvs a few towns over that i got my baby dry's at is like also dead empty and out of the way. I guess confidence is key.

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    tbh i find that the new drynites/goodnites are pretty much the same as pull up, I have a 32 inch waist and i used to be able to fit in pull ups a couple of years ago, I live in the UK and when i wen to america i'm pretty sure i got mine from walgreens if you go on their website you should be able to find which stores have them

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