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Thread: 'DL' in other languages.

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    Default 'DL' in other languages.

    As English speakers, we understand that 'DL' stands for Diaper Lover. 'AB' Adult Baby. 'TB' is Teen Baby and so on..

    But what about in other languages? Do such abbreviations exists like they do in the English language?

    For example- In German, Diaper Lover is 'Windel Liebhaber'.
    So in Germany, are DL's called WL's?

    In Swedish, Diaper Lover is 'Blöjan Vännen'. So is it abbreviated 'B.V'?

    Or is DL a universal term?

    Just a few thoughts there. Thanks!

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    In French the English terms and abreviations for AB/TB/DL/BF tend to be used.

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