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    Hey all!

    I'm still relatively new here, and am still getting to know you all, and considering my favorite part of the entire diaper thing is the social aspect, I'm curious how you all stand on the subject.

    I can definitely say that the social aspect (meeting others, in person) is the most enjoyable benefit of being graced with the interest of wearing diapers. I've met some really cool people over the past couple years, and formed many lifelong friendships... With people I never would've met if it weren't for the common interest of the fluffy diaper between my legs. I've met people from all backgrounds... From 40-something brain surgeons, to 18 year old students... And everyone in between. I cherish every relationship I've made since I started meeting other diaper wearers (and mommies, care-givers, participating partners, etc.).

    To many, this sounds weird; Meeting up with people that share such an intimate interest. My point in this thread is two-fold... Primarily to see how you guys and gals feel about the whole "meeting up" thing, and to possibly dispel any misconceptions about what generally happens when people "meet up". There are of course many of you with no interest of meeting others, but I'm sure that there are just as many that want to, but are held back by fears that may be unfounded.

    I was enamored earlier with Peachy's response regarding (this is the "adult baby" forum, but let it be known that ABY is 18+ only) in another thread earlier, as he labeled the venue in which I've met most of the people I've met (ABY) as "old, hairy, and creepy, 100%". It is disturbing because of the fact that out of the hundreds of people I've met from there, face to face, the vast majority are 20-something, normal (and interesting ) workaday people. Sure, some of the people might have some body hair, or aren't blonde haired and blue eyed, but with the exception of one person, everyone I've met from ABY (and many other places online, and through mutual friends) has been a positive experience. When looking for friendship with like minded people, I've found that dismissing someone because of their age, body hair, physical stature, etc., only limits the amount of true friends you can have.

    ABY aside, many people have reasons for meeting up with others, and many have reasons not to. I'd love to hear where you all stand, and if I could, educate you all on some of the common misconceptions of what meeting others is all about... At least in my experience.

    So... Are you the 22 year old that has been wanting to meet others for years, but is scared out of your wits? Are you the social butterfly that jets to all the major parties? Are you happy with doing the diaper thing alone? Or are you something else?

    Thanks in advance for the discourse, and if I can answer any questions you might have, I'd love the opportunity.


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    I've met the majority of ABDLs in my immediate area, and absolutely some are old, hairy and creepy guys, but there are also a great many young and normal people. Even some of the creepy guys are not that bad once you get to know them; I mean some are genuine perverts, and others are just socially awkward. Anyways, I do expect to continue meeting abdls, and have great fun doing it.

    Also, has been a tremendous help in meeting people.

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    I've met like 5 people off of this site, and I'm always looking to meet more. I'm friends with all of them and had a great time. Its just so hard to find someone that you trust and they trust you enough to actually meet up.


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    I haven't met anyone from ADISC, or even did meet a couple people that I know on but I met them elsewhere first (actually, one guy I met at work hahaha) Anyway, I have had very positive experiences with meeting other *BDLs...and a few not so positive (one in particular). Depends on the circumstances, the people in question, and whether or not you get references! hehehe

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    I've never had a meeting with anyone I found through DL-related websites. And, to tell you the truth, it makes me feel quite envious to read about how someone's been deeply enjoying the social aspects of diapers, a side on which for sure I've missed out, at least till now.

    Not that I wouldn't like to meet likeminded people, and not that I didn't receive meetup offers from the other sites I go to. The main problem is in me. First, I'm really very picky when it comes to dl-related friendships, especially 'cos people who know me from a DL site know me by one of the most intimate aspects of my personality. I've actually chatted with a couple of guys from my area who, apart from being interested in the DL thing, have many common interests with me, including professional ones, and we had long, interesting and level-headed conversations via msn (intelligence, wittyness and a charming way to express themselves are for me among the main aspects which stimulate trust and social attraction towards someone).

    The main fears that kept me from meeting other people in my area are 1) to let someone associate my "public" self, I mean, the face and person anyone knows me for, with the DL part of me, and the consequential possible information spreading if the said person in a second time revealed himself to be a major a-hole; 2) to meet a creepy weirdo that I don't like a tiny bit and I'd have a hard time getting off my ass, and... 3), yeah, sometimes I really feel like i've "been wanting to meet others for years, but i'm scared out of my wits" - but, after all, this leads me back to the consideration about being picky on people

    With that said, I wouldn't give a second thought about meeting someone I got to know here, because this forum is a great filter against pervyness and allows people to get to know themselves in a quite accurate way, of course it's a whole other story for other sites, where you start getting a ton of not-so-elegant comments and proposals as soon as you upload a picture in the gallery.....

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    The only people I met were from this site, Johnaton, and drew, and I can say I had a good time.

    You do not need to do anything diaper related, to have a good time, just meeting new people with someone in common is alot of fun.

    Talk to them first get to know them alittle before you committ to a meeting of any kind, then use your gut feeling if it dosn't feel comfortable to you, just leave.

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    Exactly Bee on not needing to do anything ab/dl related. Its all about making friends that have common interests with you, not about the diapers or what not.

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    I've never had a meeting with anybody off any site cept for an unexpected meetup with a guy I know from this 4x4ing site I visit.. the meetup was quiet unexpected since we were at the mudbogs and the guy just so happened to be driving in it... (gotta stop ranting..)

    I might be quiet and shy but if I ever do have a meetup with somebody, I'd still try to have a good time with them

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    I did meet up with one other person that I met through one of these forums, I forget which one. It went pretty well, he was about my age, we were both in college at the time and he went to school about an hour away from me. He was definatly a nice guy, the first time we met up we met at a hiking trail that he knew about in the Adirondacks, we hiked a few miles to a nice secluded mountain lake. Probably would have been better to meet in a coffee shop, but he wasn't a wierdo or anything, actually quite a nice guy.

    The second time we met, we went to his house one night when he had it to himself. That was a lot of fun, we actually swam in his pool in just diapers. The third time, and the last time I've seen him we went to see a movie, I think we saw zodiac. That was a pretty cool time, that was the first time I ordered any X-pluses and they had arrived that very day. We did each wear diapers each time we met, but aside from the time at his pool, that was the only time i'd even seen him in them. We didn't change each other or really anything else. It was more or less just two college guys doing wholesome activities.

    Sadly, I've lost his contact info and I haven't been good about staying in touch, so I don't really know if he still is in the area or not or what happened to him, I know I'd love to get together again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    Exactly Bee on not needing to do anything ab/dl related. Its all about making friends that have common interests with you, not about the diapers or what not.
    I guess I underestimated you guys.

    I can't count on both hands how many discussions I've had with people looking to hang out, but have the misconception that it's some sort of all-out diaper melee. I expected to see that type of response here, too.

    Like several people have said here, it's pretty much the exact opposite. I have several ABDL friends that I've known for years, and I've never even seen them in a diaper. Additionally, with the exception of AB play (storytimes, kid games, etc.) at a few parties I've attended, meetups are nothing more than what one would do with their non-ABDL friends.

    Good to see there are others here that share my enjoyment of being social in diapers, and are safe doing so.

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