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Thread: I'm no good at these things

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    Smile I'm no good at these things

    This is my introduction so Hi! ummm...

    I'm 19, a girl, and I'm currently in college. Doing a liberal arts transfer at a community college then I plan to transfer somewhere else, not sure where just yet though.

    I'm not really sure where I fit in the whole Dl/AB/TB community. It's sorta a new idea/intrest, don't really know what's going on or what I want...I'm not entirely sure why I'm here.

    I love reading. Give me a good book and I'll forget you exist until I finish it. I like to draw and paint and I'm sorta ok at it, nothing great but you can usually tell what it is supposed to be. I watch a decent amount of tv, defenitly have my shows I love but I'm not glued to the thing(spend waaaay too much time on my laptop though) .Kinda into anime/manga, there are some that I'm in love with and some that I watch/read and then forget about.

    I like animals, currently I have two cats and two pet rats.I know I want to do something with animals when I graduate, its what I wanna go to school for, I'm just not sure exactly what I wanna do, Thinking about maybe training service dogs for the disabled.

    I want to travel to Europe, Particularly Germany, France, Ireland, England, and Scotland. I wanna learn multiple languages, as many as I can cram inside my head. I'm currently taking Spanish and American Sign Language at school.

    I'm bisexual and I have a strong intrest in LGBT issues. I support equall rights for everyone.

    I'm a Pastafarian(my user name is a reference to russell's teapot, which the Flying Spaghetti monster is a metaphor for). So RAmen to you all.

    I have arachnophobia and a tendency to be really anti-social. I'm working on the anti-social tendencies but spiders will always be evil(nothing needs that many legs, its unnatural).

    So ummmm...yeah, that about covers it I think. That's me in a nutshell I guess.

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    im afraid of spiders too! Ima bit unsocial irl aswel, Although i force myself to do things id never realy do xD Very good introduction, An welcome to adisc ;D

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    Very nice introduction! Welcome to ADISC, and enjoy yourself while you are here. Stick around, and you will get to know some pretty cool people.

    The site is about more than just diapers and babying. You will see a range of discussions, from politics to pacifiers, from diapers to drama majors, and everything in between.

    Also, take your time with the whole AB/DL thing. It may not actually be for you, or one part of it might end up appealing. Either way, stay on the site, though, because it is a really cool community of people.

    Again, welcome!

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    Welcome to the site! I hope you find out more about your interests and get what you want out of our site. Everyone here is very supportive and can most likely answer any questions you may have. When i first got into diapers i wasnt really sure what i wanted either, it may take time and courage to figure it all out, this website helps me a lot too.

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    Thanks. One of the things that really drew me to this site over others is that everyone is really welcoming and its not all about the ABDL stuff and that it doesnt just dissolve into a bunch of hook up requests. Glad to be here and looking forward to learning more about myself and meeting new people.

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    lol this was the last post I looked at before setting my computer into hibernate.

    Welcome to the forums. So you like to draw? Do you have a DA might I ask?

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    Actually I do have a DA but I only have like one cruddy picture up on there cause I'm mostly too lazy to scan my drawings onto my computer, I keep saying I'm gonna get around to doin it but then stuff always comes up.

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    Sh I know How that goes. lots of my good art never made it out of the sketchbook and most of my painting stayed on the wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmicteapot View Post
    I'm no good at these things.
    Your great at these things. You did far better then I did when I first joined.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Tell me about your rats! I used to keep them for years, though I don't have space any more, and my dog likes to try to pull the cage down off the shelf, so I decided it was time to give up when the last ones passed away. My favourite was an agouti-and-white hoodie called Betsy, who used to sit on my head as I was walking around the house.

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