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Thread: Regressing and Submission

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    Default Regressing and Submission

    I started to pin down my age play fantasies recently to a submission/dominant fantasy setting (me being the submissive) since I found my loss of power in the situation (responsibility) and having to follow/listen (submit) both intimately relaxing/comforting and...well arousing. Before someone asks "Intimately relaxing/comforting?" The best way I can describe that feeling is...well it's like sleeping on your partners chest listening to his/her heart beat.

    Being forced into diapers, baby clothes, talk like a baby, having to follow her orders (i.e, must keep my diapers on, play baby games with her, be fed in a highchair). It really has nothing to do with a dependence factor, but one of power plays and was curious if anyone had similar interests in age play of this sort and why.

    On another note on just ordinary age play without did you take the plunge into it? I've actually wanted to suck on a paci the other night because it seemed to be a bit of stress reliever from a couple dreams and fantasies I've had (and a less than stellar substitute). The funny thing is I feel more comfortable doing age play in that setting rather than by myself.

    Haha, it's a year of firsts for me..

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    Noting that I'm in a sub-sub relationship, I think it should be pointed out that subbiness is fine and if that's the motivation for your ageplay interests, then you should run with it.

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    Id love to do that kind of age play ^_^, It would be so fun ;D

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    I like reading stories like that, so I am attracted to the idea, and do fantasize about such things. Just wearing diapers in front of my wife takes me a little bit in that direction.

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    that is interesting;
    i have done a lot of S & M as the submissive. and a lot of RL gorean as a slave-girl / kajira. but the i never thought of my age-play as submissive / Dominant. let me see if i can explain. i must think this through a minute......

    in the S & M i was involved with, the sub was an object pure and simple. it was an total exchange of power (and trust). we didn't use what is known as the "safe-word". the sub had no idea what was going to happen, or for how long.

    as a gorean slave-girl; that was a life-style that one lived. one was property of an Owner. and obedience got the girl a form of love. disobedience got harsh discipline. again there were no safe-words.

    but by far my love is for being a "Daddies-girl". which for me is age-play. i was my real- Father's special little-one. and as He ones told me i never had any trouble finding "Daddies" everywhere i went. i don't feel like waiting on my Daddies every need as being submissive. it's just the way i was born to be. i truly love it when i can make my Daddy happy even in the smallest ways. i always have. and i always will (and i am not talking of sex here). this is age-play to me, and it's every day of my life...... if daddy likes something, then i like it too! that is unless it's bad tasting food that i don't like. but most everything else.....

    i hope that explains the whole thing.....

    little lodge wrecker

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    For me, the AB-side of things is about being safe and loved unconditionally. I've never had the chance, but I'd love to be involved in the kind of age-play where I could be toddler-age and would be expected (or forced) to do whatever my caregiver wanted. I'd want them to decide when and what I eat, what I wear, when I'm changed or bathed, etc. I like the idea of "acting out" a tantrum where I don't do as I'm told and refuse to co-operate... and have to be taken firmly by the wrist, or be told off, or made to stand in the corner, or even spanked (I'm not usually that naughty, though).

    It might sound like it's all about dominant/submissive power-play but, for me, I think that is just the way that I express my need to feel safe and looked after. If my caretaker is firm, strict and always in control of me, then they must also be in control of the world at large... and able to protect me from it. It would be nice to give up every single adult responsibility (for a time), knowing that you can rely on the unconditional love and protection of a grown up.

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    hmmm for me they're interconnected in a weird sort of way, let me try to explain. (just as a preface, to be clear my boyfriend/dom doesn't know Im a *B. He knows I use my paci and like little kid stuff and is totally cool with it and thinks it's cute but he doesn't know theres a name for it really)

    For me my submission is tinged with age play/regression. I must listen to my Alpha and obey in every way, shape and form. We do and don't have a safe word; if I use his given name and tell him to stop he will but it's understood that I should use that only in extreme instances where I'm in serious physical pain beyond what is normal or ok ( I have some health issues to do with my muscles and joints and could be seriously injured if I am pushed too far with that) or am seriously scared by what's happening to the the point where if it progresses it could damage our relationship. Other than for those instances I am expected to be utterly submissive and unquestioning. The tinge of age play comes with that for me my "sub space" is tinged with how I feel when I'm little. When I'm sub I'm dependent on my Alpha for everything, he cares for me physically, mentally and emotionally and its up to him to decide what I do and when I do it. That kind of unconditional trust and love that I feel for him and the feeling that I am unquestionably his and that he will always keep me safe makes me feel very little.

    My regression is not sexual for me and submission is both sexual and non-sexual. I certainly enjoy sexytimes while I'm submissive but my submissive isn't exclusive to sexy times. For me my "little" feeling is centered around not having to worry about things, being simple, enjoying the simple things in life. So you can see where those feelings cross over into the feelings I have for my Alpha. I guess you can say my regression and submissive sides are almost the same thing. It's a very similar headspace for me, regression is just the non sexual side of it. It's a little different because my little side can be pretty bratty and that's not something I usually express while I'm submissive because A is not appreciative of brattiness at all. There's a lot of crossover between the two for me but I guess when I really "baby out" and am totally in my little headspace I don't really censor my behavior. I simply do what I want, which is different than my submission because in submission I do what he wants. I do be little around my boyfriend & dom (one in the same but he acts differently when he's being dom than when he's just acting as my boyfriend) because it's not uncommon for me and A to be cuddling and watching cartoons or something while I have my paci. It's all very confusing but it works for me

    Anywho, Age play is something that I would not personally bring into my sexual life, If he wanted to try it I would, I've had a sexual daddy/lg relationship before and it was nice but it's not something I feel a burning need to do. And I'm certainly not gonna mess up a perfectly good thing for something that I'm not really attached to sexually. If you want to bring age play into your submission and have a mommy/little boy dynamic going that's awesome for you and I say go for it lots of fun to be had there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny
    For me, the AB-side of things is about being safe and loved unconditionally....I think that is just the way that I express my need to feel safe and looked after.
    In an odd way being dominated gives me that feeling because it is a very big sense of trust and intimacy I have with my partner. For a very prideful guy like myself that also enjoys being a provider, it also makes me very vulnerable so it's a level of intimacy that is quite deep. It makes me feel safe and understood and this is an partner I can count on. My understanding of such fantasies and relationships is deeply rooted in that both the Domme and sub have this same healthy, mutual give and take as any other other relationship, it's just expressed differently. Though I'm not entirely comfortable having a relationship exclusively like that, its a nice fantasy or something on the side to try.

    Quote Originally Posted by Littlemiss
    If you want to bring age play into your submission and have a mommy/little boy dynamic going that's awesome for you and I say go for it lots of fun to be had there!
    Thanks for the detailed response, I actually relate in someways to what you described. My dilemma is finding a partner that is flexible to do so, because I need that trust and intimacy (love) to be there or else it just doesn't work for me at all, but at the same time I'm restless to do any commitment right now. It's not a need or requirement, just something I want to try. I've been in a few committed relationships already and restless old me wants to just experience new things at the moment because I seem to learn more about myself on each successive date, and I'm in that stage of life that's in a constant flux. I've been on the dating seen for a while and could easily find one for casual get together, I might try it just because it has the advantage of privacy and having it on the side, but no intimacy. This is actually a fairly recent development I admitted to myself to liking, same with diapers. Like I said, year of firsts lol. Thanks for the nice thoughts though guys it's appreciated.
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    There is definitely a connection for many of us - not all!! - between ABing and submissive fantasies. As far as I'm concerned there is no reason for this, no rationale - these fantasies first formed in my head when I was about 7 or 8 years old. In other areas my sexuality is mildly dominant, which I connect in part with my unsuccessful attempts to 're-programme' myself in my middling to late teens. I didn't manage to re-programme myself - I didn't manage to cease being an AB - i just found a part of myself that was more acceptable to mainstream society's vision of male heterosex.

    At the age of 49* I have come to the conclusion that we are all, more or less, mysterious to ourselves. By which I mean that the orientation and expression of our sexual selves is not a matter of choice, and growing up consists of a series of long walks of exploration inside our heads in which we discover - sometimes very slowly, sometimes very fast - not WHO we are, or why we are, but only WHAT we are. Our inner geography. Hence Geno's year of firsts.

    *Being AB, I should of course say 49 and a half . Or 596 months ...
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    Yeah it's very much a submission/humiliation thing for me, nearly all of my fantasies relating to diapers involve submitting or being humiliated somehow and enjoying it.

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