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    Hi all

    Well here goes. I have been a lurker of this site for a long time and have worn diapers off and on. The longest I have ever went 24/7 has been a week. Well here I am again on day 5 without using a toilet for anything. Although I would prefer to use the toilet for my bowel movements, I figure my goal will be easier to reach eliminating the mental part of using the toilet all together. My goal this time is to get to the point i am unconsciously wetting. Not a loss of control, but wet without realizing i am. I am already able to wet it all positions except when walking. I think today has been a turning point as i am wetting quite a bit more frequently and less, but all consciously. I have used my diaper at the slightest urge from day one, the first few days I have overloaded it on the release as i do not stop the flow once it started. Today my flow has been more frequent, but a lot less at a time. I know everyone is different, but does anyone know how long it should take for me to be able reach my goal? one month two months or more?
    Thanks all

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