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Thread: Nicediaper?

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    Default Nicediaper?

    I was considering buying something from Nicediaper, but all of of a sudden, there's only some Asian text/letters popping up when trying to access their site.

    Does anyone know whether it's due to some maintenance, error/fault, or mayhaps a permanent state?


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    Default --Free Shipping To WorldWide ? That's where it redirected me.
    I can see it fine.

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    Thank you, neither I nor a couple of other friends in Scandinavia were redirected there. Thank you again

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    You're welcome!

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    They're very strange, but I like most of their stuff haha. The cloth stuff they carry is good. But do NOT buy the plastic pants. They are awful.

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    Thank you, growlycub

    Actually I'm helping a friend buying some cosy cloth didies, but both of us are/were also considering some transparent plastic pants, hmm - thank you for the advice.

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    Does anyone know about the shipping? I mean things like boxes shipping time etc.

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    I believe this is a company based in mainland China. I would be weary.
    It also looks like the website has just been translated by Google Translate'

    'Bao-Yun Health Care as Specialized manufacture in China of various Incontinence products and accessories for baby with adult since 2003.'

    The shipping info is very minimal: 'Free Shipping ,usually take 2-3 weeks'.
    I personally would best avoid this website. However, if anyone here has been a happy customer with NiceDiaper in the past, then I stand corrected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayte View Post --Free Shipping To WorldWide ? That's where it redirected me.
    I can see it fine.
    Am I reading that right? OEM 8-style-100,000pieces Disposable Incontinence Pads offer Disposable PADS Incontinence Pads priced at quantity 1,000 per dollar? Does make one wonder how big of a box a 100,000 qty ships in? ("did somebody mail-order a refrigerator?")

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