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    Default Hello and some thoughts.

    Hi, I guess I have been a DL for quite some time. There a few things that this might stem from. I remember being 3 and having an accident and my mother scolding me and putting me in plastic pants. I was also a consistent bedwetter until I was 14. I remember discussing the possible use of "training pants" with my parents. The thoughts that ran through my head during that discussion were very intense. It was something that I very much wanted, but was so ashamed about that I told them I didn't.

    To this day, I still have some trouble at nights if I have been out at the bar drinking. I have tried store brands and as most of you know, they are terrible. I recently have placed an order for Abri Form X-Pluses and am excited for them to arrive.

    Apart from my DL aspect, I enjoy reading, computers, video games, riding my bike, and going to concerts.

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    Welcome, Nice hobbie's What games do you like, An do you perhaps create computer's That rather very interesting ^_^, What concerts do you go to, Ive always wanted to go to a System of a Down Concert, Or a Three Days Grace, Exspecially a 30 Seconds to mar's, There concerts are phenomanal :]

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    Yes, I build my own computers. I am currently playing Portal 2 and Skyrim. I see a lot of concerts at a local bar. Though some of the bigger acts I enjoy are Flogging Molly, The Shins, Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, and the Pixies. If you haven't seen it, Arcade Fire did a really cool interactive music video with google. Arcade Fire

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    Ah welcome good sir! Well you're in the right place, other's I've seen around have had similar problems. For someone that loves trips to the bar I must ask your drink of choice

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    Welcome to the site. I enjoy reading, writing and bike riding. I have a couple of Treks, a 1200 and a 7.5 hybrid. I usually ride every morning during the summer when I don't have to work at school...haha.

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