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Thread: Do you get attached to your nappies?

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    Default Do you get attached to your nappies?

    Recently my family had a spring clean and as we live in a rural area we burnt off our rubbish. My question came up as I saw something that made me cringe. The nappies I wear every night and sometimes have the works in them, were in the bag that was on the fire. I know a nappy is basically a bag to collect shit but seeing the poor thing melting away and sap bubbling was a weird feeling.

    Does anyone feel simular feelings?

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    I think it would be like if you spent quite the bit on money on expensive but very good diapers but then someone just threw them away just like what you said.

    I was be awfully angry if all that good money went to waste and the diapers went in the trash.

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    Well i feel no sympathy for an already used diaper, it served its purpose and now its at the end of its life lol. But I did send a diaper to a friend once through mail and she said she would wear it when she was feeling stressed... then one day her roommate came in and saw the diaper on her bed and it was really awkward for her since her roommate was this REALLY ghetto girl, she was all like "oh god wtf" and so she just panicked and threw it out.... When i heard her say that, I cringed lol It was a perfectly good one now its decomposing somewhere

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    No not really not from that point of view, i am more concerned about my nappies staying attached to me Lol

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    I still have some of the cloth diapers (Curity prefolds) that I wore as a toddler. Not merely the same kind of diapers, but the actual articles! So... yep. Slightly attached. Since getting back into cloth diapers about half a year ago, I've periodically used my old diapers for stuffers, which is kinda fun. They're a bit tired-looking, but they're as soft as diapers get! A couple of them have popped threads in the corners from when I would try to squeeze into them as an older child/teen.

    I don't feel attached to disposables so much, but I do feel a touch of guilt whenever I toss one.

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