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Thread: Gradual decline into incontinence

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    Default Gradual decline into incontinence

    Five years ago I thought that bed wetting and wetting my pants were left a long time ago in my childhood. The only issues I had with wetting was sometimes dribbling in my pants a bit if I didn't finish off peeing properly if I was in a hurry.
    Then I went through a period when if I was ill, or had a bit too much to drink I would sometimes wet my bed. This was like what I had experienced when I was 15 or 16. Occasional accidents when I could identify a cause. It was a bit of a pain, but with a rubber sheet on my bed I coped with the odd accident.
    More recently bed wetting became worse and I was wetting nearly everynight just like when I was 10 or 11 years old. I started to wear nappies again for bed and started to talk to the medics. I altered some of my behaviour and removed caffeine from my diet etc. For a while things improved, but over time my bedwetting returned. During this time I continued to use nappies at night. When my wetting happening each night again I went back to my GP, and further investigations began. I was also starting to have problems during the day.
    Most of the time I would use the toilet. However increasingly I would get the urge to peer, to start with I could control this, but then sometimes a spurt of pee would go into my pants before I got control. In recent months sometimes I cannot control the spurts of pee and the urgency leads to me having accidents in my pants. I now wear protection all the time. I use various absorbancy and types depending on what I am doing and how easy it will be to get to a toilet if I need one in a hurry. I would say I am now at the stage I was when I was about 4 years old. Wearing nappies at night for bedwetting and being toilet trained during the day, but still having some accidents in my pants.
    I have tried some medication, with very limited success and I am still looking for a solution. To start with I wanted a complete cure so my bladder would work like a normal adult, increasing I would settle to be like my 10 year old self and just need nappies at night. Incontinence at home at night is much easier to deal with that wetting in public and wearing nappies in public.
    My fear is that I am gradually getting worse and that soon I will decline even more and become like I when I was 2. Wearing full nappies 24/7 and having no control at all of when I pee.
    Has anyone else declined into incontinence in the way I have? Have you managed to turn things round. I know botox and surgery can be used, but realise that these treatments can bring their own problems with them. Just as the drugs can also have side effects.

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    can i say greetings, Jamie;

    i am IC and my (as you put it) decline has been 20 years in the making. i have fought it tooth and nail most all the way. but maybe not for all the right reasons all the time. i am still too self-conscious to talk about what causes the IC, but i have known exactly what it is from the beginning. let me explain what i can....

    after i came out in the 80's i met a sissy-girl just like me. both she and i were working toward our SRS and were living the girl life-style and just trying to generally have a little fun. it really wasn't very easy with what was happening back then. i loved this girl and one of the things we did with each other was play "diapers".......

    well, as it turned out, she wore all the time and had for years. were-as i had been hiding from my feelings/needs for years. on the other hand it was i who had the upper hand in transition and she who had only started to deal with her girl-side. it's funny how life moves like the wind gently blows the limbs of a tree.

    this girl left my life just as my transition started to cook. i truly missed her. it wasn't until several years later after my SRS that the girl showed up again in my life to say "Hi". apparently she had heard i had gotten my surgery and wanted to be the first to see. it's a kind of tradition with-in the sister-hood.

    while we talked i told her that i had a problem and when she learned what it was she jumped up and hugged me and was so happy for me and started crying almost. you see, she thought that having an IC problem no matter how small was the end-all be-all to die for. she had come to terms along time ago with her diaper wearing. and me...... well, i was still stepping on my feelings like they were insects to be crushed.....

    the girls name was Cindy, and i wish i still knew her now. and my feeling...... well, now that i spent years stomping on them. well now i find that i must treat them with the same respect that i think Cindy tried to show me.......

    i have tried all the drugs over the years. the only thing that worked for a while was ephedrine, but that has been illegal for years. i remember when it went illegal i felt they were condemning me to wetting myself forever. that was about 13 years ago. but i just learned to cope

    going padded and excepting that one likes it or finding reasons to like it is coping i feel.....

    i don't know if this is what you were looking for, but it's all i have.....

    little lodge wrecker

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    I think you need to go to a urologist, and have them run a full battery of tests on your bladder, if they haven't already.

    At this point, you're aware of the symptoms, but not the underlying problem. Drugs and surgery can probably help, but you need a proper diagnosis first.

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    Hi Jamie 72, I agree with AbenaLeaf - what you are experiencing is not quite the usual experience of people who slowly lose control and it is very important that the cause is established as soon as possible so that possible reasons can be eliminated if they are not relevant and the real issue concentrated on. As has been said all you are aware of is a "symptom" and from what you say the medics have tried medication which is aimed at reducing "symptoms" rather than being targeted on a diagnosed reason for the problem. As you are in the UK access to help shouldn't bee too difficult but if you face problems in getting the tests and things needed for a diagnosis the Bladder and Bowel Foundation might be able to advise you and are very supportive - so maybe worth contacting anyway? ( Bladder and Bowel Foundation and helpline 0845 345 0165.

    Good luck with it all!

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