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Thread: Question about Diaper Humiliation

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    Default Question about Diaper Humiliation

    I am not into diaper humiliation but my husband thinks I like being humiliated.

    Let's see:

    I like being forced into diapers
    I like being dressed up as a baby
    I like hearing fantasies about being humiliated by him telling me what he is going to do to me

    But honestly I don't see how this is even humiliation because I don't feel humiliated by it. I don't see what is so humiliating about being dressed up as a baby in my own apartment and wearing diapers in public and hearing fantasies about how to be humiliated.

    I have had my diapers leak out in public and they have embarrassed me before because it would happen at work but out in public, not so much because all these people who notice won't see me again. But I didn't enjoy the leaks at work.

    I have also worn messy diapers out in public but if they don't smell I will go out in it so I don't see how this would be humiliation.

    Even me asking him to tell me the times my diapers have shown in public, he thought I liked being humiliated that way but I don't want my diapers to be shown in pubic or have it be obvious I have one on. I like to be discreet about it.

    Is this all humiliation? Do I need to be humiliated for it to be humiliation? Would you say I am into it mildly? Can you being into diaper humiliation even if it doesn't humiliate you?

    Changing in restrooms doesn't bother me anymore nor is buying diapers in stores when I see any which be at thrift stores and they have to be briefs. I don't get embarrassed about it anymore. I never enjoyed that but it had to be done back in the days and then I got used to it. Now I just order online now. I still get nervous sometimes but I get over it.

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    I think I can answer that pretty well. What it sounds to me is that you enjoy the power plays i.e domination/submission. It can couple with humiliation, but I think you enjoy being submissive and having little power in those types of settings. Actually diaper humiliation can be used synonmously to talk about submission/domination as I've heard it used.

    I can relate to what your saying having experimented being in Female dominated relationships before (FLR, FLD) because I don't enjoy being humiliated (well at times, but not publicly) but I enjoy submitting myself and losing my own power to another person in a private fantasy or subtly in the relationship. You seem to like the dependence factor as well (or it could simply be the main thing) and that could be coupled into it, but your choice of words (forced) and having fantasies of humiliation point to a liking of submission.

    Also in the other instances not involving direct power plays (i.e wearing messy diapers in public of your own accord) sounds like ordinary AB/DL tendencies to me.

    Hope that answers your question.

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    Diaper Humiliation?
    you should ask my dear mother about that.
    no wait, she's dead!
    maybe that's why i can deal with this now....... Hummmm

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    The threat of being put back into diapers when I was young probably led to where I am today on diapers oh if they only knew, but that is to risky.

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