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    i got some sweats from hollister and i want to make them skinny. yes, i know they selll skinny sweats but ive run out of money so thats a no-go. is ther a way to tailor them without having to cut them up? how?

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    shrink them in the wash, it usually takes long hot soak then cold rinse and tumble dry on the highest safe setting, at least that is how you make skinny jeans not sure if it will work with a none cotton fiber. Or for even better results google shrink jeans in the tub and apply the principle to your pants, warning this does require you to soak in your pants in the tube to get a custom fit.

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    How to Make Sweat Pants Smaller |

    It's really the same as taking in a shirt, you're just going to pin and make a new seam. However, I would recommend that maybe you try shrinking them in the wash as asayuu suggested.

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