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Thread: Confessions of a furry

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    Default Confessions of a furry

    Back when I frequented some forums of a furry nature I noticed a reoccuring trend of furries, most of which were young teenagers, yearning to 'come out of the closet' to their parents and in extreme cases their whole family, to declare themselves as a member of the fandom either by preparing a speech beforehand or by a written lettter, some threatened to end their relationship unless they were accepted, others compared the admission to homosexuality. Personally I've always seen the fandom albeit as a spectator as a hobby, a pasttime, not something if I were a furry would feel the need to declare to my parents unless I intended to rome the house wearing a fursuit and matching collar.

    So a question to the furries of ADISC, have you told your parents about the fandom and you being a furry yourself? Do you intend to? Do you feel it's necessary to take an active role in the fandom?

    Educate me.

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    No, no, and no. If my parents weren't completely unreasonable about matters such as this, I might.

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    i don't plan to tell them I'm a furry i don't think it's necessary and causes to much drama but i plan to tell them about the hole adult baby thing when i turn 18

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    Nevar, unless i have no other choice and its a life/death situation.

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    I've hinted at there being a fandom towards the type of art I do when she was telling to try and make some money with my work. However, I have never outright told my mother about the fandom in general and that I am part of.

    I'll never tell her the whole story after seeing some of reactions to other odd stuffs I've been into.

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    Along the same lines of being an *B/DL, I don't think other people need to know about it. People should just keep these sorts of things to themselves.

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    No, I haven't told them, nor would I want to. I really don't think they need to know what I do in my private time. It's not like they come to you to tell you about some of their more secret or private matters, so why should you? Many people have this huge desire to tell others, but most don't have much an answer when you ask them why they want to tell others. I just never saw the point of coming out if not necessary.

    And as far as being an active member, that's not necessary in the least. It's not like the fandom has a strict set of rules you must follow to be one, you just are really if you say you are. Even then, it's not like someone over the Internet saying you aren't one shouldn't mean much. It's all about yourself, and how you feel about it.

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    Newfurs are pretty annoying in that sense. They treat the fandom like it makes them someone special by being a furry. They take it MUCH to seriously. Just have to learn to relax, being furry is little different then any other type of geeky fandom.

    As for telling parents, there's no need to. I never got this whole "coming out" thing, whether it be furry or *b/DL. Usually the response is negative or apathy, why bother?

    And of course it's not necessary to take an "active" role. One can be a casual furry, it doesn't make them any less of one.

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    My mother knows about the fandom but not in a completely well kind of sense. Some point in time I have to sit her down and explain it better because she doesn't have to much of an idea as to what it is. But in general she does know I'm a furry.

    Telling parents, I see no use in it really.

    I do however choose to tell my parents just because we have that whole, no secrets thing with each other. But then again I have kept certain secrets from them. But that's different than this D<

    Active role... Hmm, no like Zyph said, there's no terms and rules for the sort of thing. And having a set rule(s) would really be useless and dumb. So yea, there's really no point in taking an active role. I guess I sorta do sometimes though by wearing collars to school. But that's just really a thing I do to express myself. No one really bugs the hell out of me because of it. Some people are curious, others just brush it off. No one really cares to be honest.

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