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Thread: i did not think that would work...

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    Default i did not think that would work...

    it started out by telling a friend about how i dont like to be the dominant partner in relationships, then i told her about how i like to me femenine, and finally i spurted out that i like to wear girls clothes. i thought she was gonna not like it but she actually does XD and she told her friend who is also now my friend and she thinks its fine too! im hoping that this will be a precursor to telling them about wanting to wear diapers and being a sissy. i hope i can someday...

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    That's awesome!
    I've told a good friend (Who is a girl) about me liking girl clothes, so we joke around about it.

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    I have a couple of friends who know I'm TS and accept it. I wouldn't get in to diapers, unless it would actually have serious benefits...

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    I agreed with LittleDrummerBoy.
    It is way more accepted to want to wear girl clothes than to want to wear diapers.

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    I have lots of friends who know both, but I do gotta admit that more know about me being trans than those who know about me being padded occasionally :3 But most good friends will be accepting as long as you're not one of the stranger of us :3

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    yeah its been a blast XD she even offered to have me come over to her house and let me try on her dresses!
    and another unrelated friend, and she likes the idea too and even encouraged more of it

    its been a nice turn of events

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