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    If i got someone to baby me what things could they do?

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    lol if they dont know, they're not right for the job... Whatever they would do to take care of an Actual baby is the best answer i can give you. Change you, Feed you, bottle-feed you, bathe you, play with you, sing to you, read a story to you, naptime, dress you up. I havent necessarily been babied many times but the times i have all i did was be fed a bottle and some baby food, and had my diaper changed. On another occasion when a friend was babysitting me, me and her played with my blocks and she bottle fed me. idk what else to tell you lol

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    they do know, i was just wondering if we had missed anything lol, thanks for your help

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    oversized blocks are fun and easy to make a takes 10ft of 5"x5" which can be cut into 24 5x5x5 blocks, that would put them in the adult size range, but allow you to do one of the most basic baby, toddler activities.

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    Well I really like to cuddle if my little one is tired, having her head resting on my chest is very relaxing for both involved. Colouring can be really fun and legos too, if you got them. It kinda depends on what age you are when regressing, older kids would want to play more but younger kids would need more caring for.

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    i went to a "mummy" and she changed my nappy, put me into a sleeper, tucked me up in a giant cot then let me rest my head in her lap as she bottle fed me, then changed my nappy again , she baby talked me and stuff it was nice but i was a little nervous as it was the first time i've had a solo session with a mummy and i also felt a little sad that i was having to pay for the experience, she was a nice lady but i knew that at the end of the day i was just a customer. she had a big highchair to which she said she would strap me in and feed me but i was only paying for a "trial" period which was just 1 hour so there was no time for that! back when i was younger i had a girl friend, (not as in a partner, just a girl i was friends with) although we were very good friends and was quite affectionate, she actually knew i liked being a baby and allowed me to call her mummy! although she would never do anything like changing nappies bottle feeds whatever, well i never asked! but what i loved was when she let me snuggle into her, i would lay my head on her lap and she would stroke my hair and i would just fall asleep like that. once we were all a little drunk, we were under age, probably 15 or 16 and we were sat on a bench in the middle of town, and that's what happened, i fell asleep snuggled up to my friend only to be rudely awoken by a police officer! what i would give for that kind of genuine affection now.

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    i have been babied a couple times, it was okay, i was being feed out of a bottle, at dinner eating baby food, strapped in a adult highchair, having someone change my diaper, napping and sleeping in an adult crib, etc these are what happened when i was being babied, these also could happen to you when u get babied

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