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Thread: Blotch (MATURE CONTENT)

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    Default Blotch (MATURE CONTENT)

    Again I've included links which contain mature content, of course that's why you clicked on this topic to begin with but watch who's looking over your shoulder!

    So there is this popular furry artist (two if we're going to be fussy and get into technicalities, you see it's a collaboration between two artists, Kenket and BlackTeagan) who goes by the name of Blotch, screwbald spotcat. You may have already heard of Blotch you may not have, purpose of this thread being for those who haven't seen Blotch's astonishing ''lifelike'' artwork.

    I've kindly provided some links to his gallery and LJ below:

    Blotch's website
    And also his LJ

    As well as his normal artwork Blotch also ran a weekly webcomic called Dog Days of Summer which can be seen on the official DDoS website here, though you are not able to see the climax of the story unless willing to purchase (with money mind) the entire comic from the
    Sofawolf Press website!

    So, are you a fan? Do you like his artwork? Not to your fancy?


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    I'm not a furry...And I'm not into furry pictures, but those pictures are drawn well

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    Those are pretty good. I'm more into the digital cartooney-like art pieces, more. But those are very well done.

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    im a huge fan of Blotch also i own his Comic Book "Dogs Days Of Summer" and the T-shirt

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    Blotch are(is an) amazing artist(s). I have not read the comic book yet, but I have seen pieces of (his)their artwork. And it's very well done. They do however, draw a lot of porn.

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    Blotch is a pretty good artist.... I like the art style, in particular.

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    Those are really beautiful, skilled drawings. I'm very impressed.

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    Wow. I'm impressed. He's got some amazing art.

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