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    ok here what happened,

    a few weeks back I was round at a friends (janet) house having a couple of drinks and I told her about this site, my friend knows about my incontinence and she always comes clothes shopping with me to give anything I buy the once over to make sure my nappy isnt obvious. we're best friends with no romantic involvement. She took a look at the site and asked me 'what are you' meaning which category I fall into well at the time I didnt fall into any.

    after a brief discussion on it we came to the conclusion Im not AB because thats not far from normal for me, I already wear nappies 24/7 and onsies DL is another dead end as I am far too used to them to enjoy them.

    I jokingly said that I would have to be LG as it was the furthest from everyday for me. I didnt think anymore of it untill a couple of days later when janet asked me if I had thought anymore about it, I told her I was only joking her response is how do you know till you try.

    so after a few more glasses of wine (alcohol the internet and a credit card are a really bad idea) i began to think about it more and finally decided to give it a whirl.

    fast forward an hour and janet had out her laptop and we were on a site that sells AB/Sissy clothes and janet bless her had clicked alot of stuff into the basket (700 worth to be exact), luckily I was still pretty lucid and mentioned that if I wasnt into it I would have alot of money sitting in my closet, so a quick review and plenty of deleting later I had the following left : denim bib and braces dress, 2 pairs of tights and a pair of black mary jane style baby shoes left in the basket(all janets choices), even as I clicked on checkout I was having second thoughts.

    Well it all arrived today and minuetes after ringing janet to let her know she was at my house, I hadnt even opened the package because I still wasnt sure.

    after making every excuse not to open it I finally did, I felt a bit sick to be honest as I looked at everything laid out on the bed, but janet was really good and told me to get undressed (shes seen my nappy on shopping trips so I able to undress in front of her) and then she helped me on with my new outfit. She even did up the buckles on the shoes for me which kinda gave me a little kid feeling then she stood back and took a good look at me, after a short pause she said that I looked absolutly gorgeous.

    anyway I have to agree I love my new look and it feels really comfortable and RIGHT! i didnt think it would but it does and believe me no-one is more surprised at that then me.

    i spent 3 hours this morning dressed in my new clothes but had to go out this afternoon I actually felt a bit sad having to get changed and couldnt wait to get home and changed back. so its absolutly true dont knock it till you try it Im actually glad janet pushed it and tommorrow janets coming round first thing to do my hair and there was even talk of nail polish.
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    Im going back on the site tonight to see whats next on the buy list
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    It is good to have a friend that encourages you to explore new possibilities I wish you well in this adventure and if you ever just want to talk or bounce an idea of some one I am a good listener or so I am told. Anyway all the best

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    too be honest I just cant believe how its all come about maybe its always been there just needed a push in the right direction

    ---------- Post added 30-04-2012 at 13:36 ---------- Previous post was 26-04-2012 at 22:59 ----------

    just a quick update since friday I have spent a good 80% of the time in LG mode and I'm loving it. I went round to janets on saturday and changed into my LG stuff round there we had a good long chat and we hammered out a few details about my LG side at first I decided I was going to have a LG age of about 4 but janet pointed out there are'nt many 4yr olds still in nappies and plus I look like a toddler in my dress so we agreed 2yrs old would be my LG age (and also my LG is totally un potty trained, I wasnt sure about this but now I am).

    then the coolest thing happened I wet my nappy(thats not the cool part) and said i was going to change and janet offered to change me(thats the cool part) during the change janet told me that she would be willing to change me in LG mode but only wet nappies, dirty nappies were firmly down to me. she doent want to be my mummy or anything like that but a babysitter is OK.

    we both agreed that this is a private thing and should never be made public in any way. tommorrow night im going to stay over at janets and she has picked out some pink pyjamas with teddy bears on them, pictures to follow (why can women wear stuff like that whenever they want? but we cant) for me to sleep in and that I can keep them, and I have to take a pack of nappies with me to keep at hers.

    I have to be honest Im not sure who's more in to this me or janet, this has to be the luckiest month of my life (other thing have happened in RL that were totally unexpected but really good just worried it wont last)

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    Just curious - does Janet have actual girl parts? Not that it matters I guess, I'm just completing my mental image of the scenario, and one can never be sure around here just from the pronouns.

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    yep shes all women LOL guess thats why its all the more surprising to me that she didnt run away screaming at the first mention

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Just curious - does Janet have actual girl parts? Not that it matters I guess, I'm just completing my mental image of the scenario, and one can never be sure around here just from the pronouns.
    just to be a bit more precise; maybe you should have asked if said girl parts were in fact, "OEM girl parts"......

    the bunnies......

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    just to be a bit more precise; maybe you should have asked if said girl parts were in fact, "OEM girl parts"......

    the bunnies......
    LOL. Ummm....... yeah, you're right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bill1971 View Post
    i believe their g.o.d v1 original

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    How incredible to discover this side of yourself and have someone like Janet as part of it. You are extremely lucky. Life is going to be interesting!

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