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Thread: Wetting Yourself

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    Default Wetting Yourself

    During my mid-teens (ages 13-17 if I remember right) when my parents actively prevented me from getting my hands on any diapers (they have since changed their attitude and tacitly tolerate it, as long as they don't see any of it- anyway, back to the subject)

    Anyway, during this time I used to deliberately wet myself fairly frequently- about once every fortnight or so. I assumed (after my parents changed their tune) that I'd just used it as a poor substitute for wetting diapers. But recently I've find myself getting urges (mental, not physical) to do the same thing- and this is while I still have around 30 diapers in my stash. A couple of days ago, I caved in and did it.

    All in all, I'm more than a little puzzled.

    Does anyone else do this occasionally? Even as a 'toilet training toddler having an accident' thing? I don't consider myself an AB, though in truth I'm a little AB-curious.

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    I, as a TB do this, a little more often then not.
    It's not all that rare really.

    Is it possible that you may also have an interest in watersports as a fetish as well? Pant's wetting is a common activity partaken in by those who have interest in it.

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    No I do not wet in my pants. I have no interst in trying it. I have heard of people doing it though.

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    I rarely have...If I do decide to do it, it's in the tub, and in clothes that I don't care about...Afterwards, I kinda wish I didn't do it, because it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be

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    I have tried it before, I wore some older clothes that I rarely wore anyway and I tried it out in the backyard at probably 2am so nobody would see anything and I wouldn't make a mess inside. Well, curiosity got the best of me and I had to try it, I won't do that again.

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    Drew is right, Gemini, it's actually one of the more common fetishes. I'm almost certain it's true that there are more watersports sites than ab/dl sites, and that they are more popular.

    Furthermore, why should you, or anybody else, be surprised if there's a bit of an overlap between watersports and dl? There's an obvious connection and you aren't alone. Far from it. You're OK.

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    I guess it's just a matter of tastes.

    In the end, it doesn't make more nor less sense than wanting to wear a diaper for recreational purposes. It's just slightly less practical for the fact that you wet your clothes and you - supposedly - have to wash them afterwards.

    Probably in the years you were experimenting with wetting as a substitute to diapers you grew an attraction towards this kind of practice itself, and I don't see it being possibly wrong in any way, provided you don't go around wetting your whole house and ruining furniture

    And don't bother trying to fit in a label or another (AB, AB-curious, etc...), 'cos you're just your unique self with your unique mix of tastes and feelings!

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    I thought about doing it to get diapers but I tired it once just to see what it felt like and it felt bad to me. I did it in my shower and cleaned it afterward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quattrus View Post
    And don't bother trying to fit in a label or another (AB, AB-curious, etc...), 'cos you're just your unique self with your unique mix of tastes and feelings!
    Well said.

    Like others have said, many people are into this kind of thing. While similar, but not the same, I have a good friend that will gasp at a sight of a dude in soaked clothes. I "fell" in his pool with my clothes on, just to egg him on as a joke, and it was all he could do to keep his composure as I climbed out.

    All in good fun, and he is well aware of my diaper thing... We all have our "kinks".

    If wetting your pants feels good to you, then feel free to do so. Do what makes you happy. It isn't always about "why"...

    Feels good? Doesn't hurt you or anyone else?

    Do it.

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    If wetting yourself makes you happy do it, I doubt if you do it in a public place, so if you enjoy doing it and don't mind cleaning up after yourself, and your not bothering others around you do what makes you happy.

    We all have different fetishes, some are a little more public than others, if you enjoy wetting in public look into a community of people who do, and meet and see if your still interested.

    Go for it, we are only here on this earth for a short while, might as well make your stay a happy one.

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