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Thread: Great news story about Kimberly Clark's R&D process...

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    Default Great news story about Kimberly Clark's R&D process...

    Its from Forbes Magazine and describes the lengths that diaper manufactures go through to stay on top of the market.....if you wanna read this article go to the forbes website and search for "Designing the iPhone of diapers"

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    no direct linkage eh? poo...

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    I did exactly what you said and I got nothing about K-C nor huggies.

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    I couldn't find the story about K.C., but did find an article that says that the average baby uses around 10,000 diapers. That seems like a lot, but it could be true.

    Here's the link to this story if you want to take a look Decisions: 29 Green Choices -

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    Thank you for da link!!!

    I wonder if they put three years of research into any adult diapers... Probly not, but if they did, that would be awesome!

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    Ahh! The joys of engineering. I thought I wanted to design F1 cars but now I have it. I want to design diapers

    A really interesting article, both from my interest in anything like that as someone who wants to move into engineering, and as a TBDL. Thank you so much for it.

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    Oh wow. That article basically describes my dream job. Very interesting read, thanks for posting the link, sparkmaster!

    And I like the analogy of "the ipod of diapers." Sounds pretty accurate

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