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    Wink hi

    Hi my name im new here im 16 love diapers wore them since i was 6 liked them i like dressing up in baby cloths and acting like one i love sports a little and music and philosphy

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    Hi my name im new here im 16 love diapers
    What else? What are your hobbies? Do you like music, TV, books? Sports?

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    i love music and my hobbies drawing painting and philosphy

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    Hi sayre!
    I too enjoy philosophy! We have a philosophy group here on ADISC if you're interested.
    Philosophy group. -
    My dad was a painter, what kind of things do you like to paint?

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    people sometimes i draw out eyes i dont show my work im afriad of judmental people i hurts really in my pic im the one sitting down other is my brother i dont spell so good please dont jugde me uh im working on my own Philosophy book called my life's reason i make my own sayings like the decistions of one man are diffrent from the decistions of another uh /thoughs who find light can escape darkness/ at the end of every tunnal is just another tunnal to be entered/ i love drawing eyes though im really good at that but ya im into acent history im just kinda sad theres not any people in the part of ohio that im in that like diapers you know i think im the ony on hear it sucks

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    What sorta music do you like ^_^ im into pop, Rock, Metal/Harcore metal, Screamo, Basically anything but rap ._.

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    ah music like my chemical romance uh marilyn manson twiztid ah werid music i love it metal rap country too i guess

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