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    Talking nihao!

    dats chinese for hello! i think >.> anyways... uhm, hi, i guess. I'm new. TB/AB/Furry. My name is Sierrapup and I run the ABDL show KNN and my website Home - for abdls and furries alike. not sure what else to say. i like stormchasing and fun so lets have soOMG A PIZZA SMILEY ICON THINGY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sierrapup View Post
    anyways... uhm, hi, i guess. I'm new.
    That much is obvious. Which is why I suggest that you make a teensy bit of a better effort on your intro post. Because it's at once painful and ingratiating at the same time. We try to encourage new members to explore beyond their ADISC related interests as it makes it easier to form a longterm forum relationship with people who are like minded in how we want our community to be recieved.

    You tell us so much that you could expand on. Storm chasing for example is something that catches my eye. Are you an amateur meterologist? Do you frequently track down tornadoes? Is it something you do solo or do you have a team you go with?

    Your ABDL show might be interesting to some. But the instances of AB's in the media haven't been terribly flattering to the community, so you may want to hold off on that until you're sure you're going to fit in here.

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    I agree with NateSean. Give us more about you! (Storm chasing sounds really cool!)

    Maybe for some help, you could check out this forum topic.

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    Natesean and Fayte have already said it, so I won't repeat what they'll say.

    Let me just say: Welcome! And awesome - another Nevada person! My home state! Hope you enjoy it here!

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    Ohai cub...err...Sierrapup :P

    Never thought I'd see you here.

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    Welcome chap!

    As Fatye and Asher said, please tell us more about yourself!

    Anyways, hope to see you on the forums!

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    If we're speaking in other languages I call french Bonjour and Welcome to Adisc Have a nice stay and yes the thing on your pillow is a mint.

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    Yes, sorry. Website was new to me and all and I was tired so I do apologize if post wasn't descriptive or short. I am an amateur at the moment but I've been interested and studding since I actually WAS a lil kit. (1st grade). I would love to be frequently tracking down tornadoes but if you notice the location underneath my icon I think you can understand why I don't... at least, for now. As for KNN and my website, both are made specifically to be viewed by furries and abdl's. It would be stupid of me not to add them in just as an example of what I'm trying to do for the community. Unfortunately college has been extremely time-consuming and I've only been able to do one real video, however, a break is coming soon and perhaps if you're interested, I would love getting an interview with you! You seem like a fair and reasonable person with a very firm vocabulary, I'm sure you would be perfect but you don't have to. Beyond that I didn't really have much to talk about. I like biking but I'm not in any way professional; though I am crazy biking out into the desert by myself with no supplies on 90+F days xD I also forgot to mention that I have a near music addiction. I love playing along with songs and while I'm not that good yet (again lack of time to practice + bad memory) I do play trombone for 8 years school-wise, I play keyboard (no training), I'm learning guitar (two chords known and I can play the riff to "Give Me One Reason") and if i had a drum-set I would love to learn as I've wanted to for years. I have drumsticks so not sure if that counts >.>

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    @Asher, awesome, and hi! @Tesla... really O_O why is that xP @Vanqua2 I LUVS MINTS *noms entire pillow* *hugs u* =P @Nigel & Fayte Thank you ^_^~

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    Not the best Intro but! Since Nates a... I wont say any words but you get me, Since ive seen much worst Intro's who recieved much nicer comment's I welcome you ^_^ An Decent Intro

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    First of all...yes...Ni Hao is "hello" in Chinese. :-D (I've a 6 year old granddaughter who loves Kai Lan)
    Welcome to ADISC, and don't mind them *points above* sometimes they *points above again* can be a bit pushy. :-D It's nice to see someone doing something to promote *BDL/Furry outside of ADISC once in a while (as long as it's not a certain person who shall remain nameless and his penchant for appearing on shows like Taboo! and My Crazy Obsession!).
    I had a quick peek at your site...will visit again (when I've got a better internet connection), if that's alright. :-)

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