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  • Windows xp/vista/95/7/8 beta

    41 78.85%
  • Linux (Any distribution.)

    21 40.38%
  • Mac

    7 13.46%
  • Tablet/PS3/etc...

    7 13.46%
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Thread: What do you use for an operating system?

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    Default What do you use for an operating system?

    Wondering what the most used operating system here is.
    i use linux and have included mine to be accurate.
    Remember! vote if you feel comfortable!

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    i use WIN 7 and XP i like XP better, WIN 7 is becoming to much lick mac os and it is getting restrictive with what you can do with it.

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    Too bad you left out a choice for most of the *BSD OSes

    Currently used OSes:

    Win 7 Ultimate x64 (triple boot on laptop)
    Ubuntu 11.10 (x86 and amd64, former on my server home servers, latter part of the triple boot)
    FreeBSD 7-STABLE (sources as of midnight april 16th, 2012- Web server, and last part of the triple boot on my laptop. x86 versions on both)

    Forgot: Windowx XP Professional via Windows XP Mode in Win 7 as well to support a few apps that won't run natively on 7.
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    So far I've only used windows so I can't tell you much about the others. I find windows easy to use but sometimes it gets frustrating. Once I tryed to install updates and it got stuck halfway through, it sucked because it warned me that if I shut down the computer it would corrupt some important files or something. Luckily I shut it down and nothing bad happened but it was a big waste of time.

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    At home I have linux (gentoo) on my desktop, debian on all but one server (have a VPS and 4 local servers), and freebsd on my router/firewall box (though at some point will probably switch to linux for this.. just lazy). Also have a winxp vm I use for a handful of apps.

    Professionally I've worked a lot with solaris (2.5 through 10) and a bit with AIX and even a little UnixWare (which is actually pretty solid.. but I feel dirty having touched it). No I'm not that old.. I just have done maintenance on some very old systems.
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    I have two computers with Window's 7 and one with Vista. My wife loves her Ipad, so she's in the Mac domain. And yeah, those updates can take forever.

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    I currently use windows xp. It's good enough for me. And I won't upgrade until my computer bites the dust.

    It works just fine for what I use it for.

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    On my desktop PC, I dual boot between Windows 7 64 - Bit and Ubuntu equally. I prefer Ubuntu and use that where possible, but I do use a lot of software that is Windows only. I solely use Windows 7 on my HP laptop, and L-Ubuntu on my older Dell ultraportable. So, both equally I guess.

    I'd also like to give Mac OS X a shot, so I am thinking that my next laptop will either be a MacBook Pro to replace my HP or an Air to replace my Dell. The price is holding me back, though...

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    XP on my main computer and linix mint on my other computers

    When XP dies i will go over to linux for everything. The few things i need XP for will not work on later versons of windows so that is the only reason to keep XP.(cad-cam programs)

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    Tidbit on me. I originally used windows 7 for my laptop and used it for 2+ years but then windows wouldn't start so i switched over fully to linux.

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