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Thread: I hate ordering diapers

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    Default I hate ordering diapers

    Seems like ordering diapers scares me as much as buying them in the store. Ordered from a website that i get CHEAP molicares and ATNs from and requested Hold for Pickup from UPS so nothing showed up at my door.

    Of course UPS doesnt know how to read and it wound up at my door. I would have been so embarrassed if something went wrong. Funny now that im looking back on it but now I know thats really not a fool proof method of ordering diapers. The entire box was plastered with "Hold for Pickup".

    I like when you order from a place, have it shipped discreetly, then get a catalog a month later LMAO. Any one else have goofy stuff like this happen?

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    Not really - where is your CHEAP website though??

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    Duraline. Duraline Medical Products, Inc. Adult diapers, buy diapers, molicare diapers, attends diapers, urinary free shipping over $25, $13 dollar bags of ATNs.

    Im all over their molicares, im like addicted to those. Wish they abena, havent had those in forever.

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    thanks - good to know. are they discreet shipping?

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    ya there is a box to check at checkout, then i usually write it in the notes again at checkout to remind them.

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