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Thread: Best discreet tape on or pull up daiper?

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    Default Best discreet tape on or pull up daiper?

    Hi this is my first thread outside of the introduction thread, i wear drynites pull ups coz they r very discrete and can wear under cloths but im looking for a beter absorbant diaper, tape or pull ups that i can wear under cloths i have a 29-30 waist i was looking at the tena but dono :s, would be thankful for some feed back

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    I found 23-30" tape on diaper and they have bigger going to 36-44 whats better for me i wear 30" jeans and small pants and all so i dono would be thankful for some advice :P

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    Tena will do fine but I recommend Depends max protection, absorbent underwear, or underwear for men. The former is not too comfortable but it is a tape on diaper and its pretty absorbent and discrete. The two latter option are both very discrete and have okay absorbency, both do better with stuffers.

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    thanks for the reply )) and are taped diaper same as pull ups in waist size I mean like i wear drynites 8-15 age and they are 30" waist and they fit nice so will a 23-30" tape diaper fit me or a 36-44 taped diaper? oh i have a 29-30 waist btw

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    Id recommend the Depend's Adjustable, Although it's only because im useing them atm, Like it's the pack i have atm, But There pretty good, only prob you cant just let out when going 1 or 2, Although most diapers you cant, But there pretty discreet able to walk around in the house, with them there pullup's But they fit all sizes in my oppinion depending on how you Do the thingy ._. With the tabs xD Im a 36 waist? an they fit rather good idk if im 36 im in the 30's so They should be good, but id look up some info on them before geting them, there cheap got them for 11 dollars at walmart, im not sure if that's cheap moneys not much a object to me ._. I can get as much as i care to, But i think i saw them go for more online, but thats proubly due to shipping/handling fee's.

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    cool thanks very much ) I found a diaper i like but you get two options 23-30" waist there taped diaper and a 36-44" waist taped diaper? im a 29-30 and drynites (goodnites) 8-15 age fit me well so 23-30 or are taped smaller then pull ups in sizes?? im new to all this size stuff with diaper in my chinos or jeans are 30 inch and I wear a belt with them so :??

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    Just go with the 23-30, even if they say 23-30 they can fit 23-40 most likely all diapers fit 10 sizes more then the original "Size" in which they state, Which is very helpful, An believe me im new to it aswel, just not as new, Ive been searching everything etc lol, So yea just get those if you want you can go safer an get a 36-44, But if u do remember that it could be too big, Small=BEtter 23=26, Most of the times when they say its 23-30 its akleast 4 or more sizes bigger then said, 23=Loose fit, 30=Medium fit, if you get my meaning as in medium as in u can still be wasited 35 or more an fit it but it could be tight

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    k thank you making order now (waist size 23" to 30"/weight range 65 to 125 LB) daipers and a (28" to 32" waist) plastic pants )

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    I know you already made your order, but from my experience and I have a lot of it, depends are not the most reliable/absorbant brand. The depend maximum protection have the highest absorbancy but have plastic backing which make them pretty loud compared to a cloth backed diaper. The tena super brief has a clothlike backing and had almost no sound but gives you the absorbancy of the higher end diapers such as tranquility molicare and abena.

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    You are in the UK, get Tena.
    In your size, you would fit in the end range of Small but Medium will fit you well too. Taped diapers are very versatile in size. And way more absorbant than a pullups.

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