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Thread: Diaper To Class Today?

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    Default Diaper To Class Today?

    I do not know if i should wear my diaper to class today if not. I am a little scared, but I want to try it and dont know if i should.

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    well depending on the diaper you have, it should not be to crinkly under pants. i wear mine to school every day, given that they are pull ups but still, and no one has noticed that i am wearing them as of yet, and if they have they have not said anything. but one of the pull ups i have worn that was as crinkly as a diaper was a tena and still no one noticed.
    it is up to you if you want to or not but the chance that someone notices is low. as long as you have a belt on so your pants cant sag and i find folding the top of the diaper down to almost the padding works well to.

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    If you want to wear to class, then wear to class. Everything will work out better if you keep your mind on other things, and not just returning to the thought of "Will anyone notice?". It would be best to wear with underwear over top in order to reduce the crinkly sound, and to choose the larger, more baggy pants or shorts.

    If I am wearing in public, I tend to wear sweatpants over the padding, it works well to cover up any bulkiness or sound.

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    Well if i do not wear my diapers my big wet spot will give me away lol

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    I wore to class for more than 10 years. Never had a problem. Changing was challenging. I had to find the right restroom at the right time.

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    I mostly wear briefs with a prefold diaper as a stuffer to class. Always wear plastic pants over top of them. Never had any problems.

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    Ive worn to class a few times, you'd be surprised how much no one will say a word, most people are understanding and come up with a rational explanation in their head for it, they usually think that "oh they probably have to wear them", a lot of people would actually see it as brave. But for that to happen they have to NOTICE that its a diaper, believe it or not people will think its 100 other things before they think that what is sticking out of your shorts is a diaper... But then again I'm in college and this is a college point of view, idk if you're talking about highschool, because if you are, I wouldnt wear... I never wear to school in high school because high schoolers are or can be very mean..

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