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    Hello all, newbie diaper fur here

    my furona is a orange tiggy of my age who wears diapers my other hobbies are Gaming,tv and Film

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    hey Tamba do u like watchin cartoons like fairly odd parents ect or like just watching shows documentrys and stuff allso. you said u like music what music do u like im goin say some music i like.i like underoath, burden of a day and panic at the disco. i know u probly dont know or even like them but its a little example to help u out. if u fell worried talking on here u may fell free to pm me becouse meeting new people iis scary it can be like starting a new school u dont know anyone but u want to fit in and make friends. so thats why if u want u may pm me and i will help u out on this site and hopefully make u some good friends

    well thats all wish u have a good day and hope stay safe.

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    hay Rainbow thanks for saying hi i know my intro was a little naff but like you said can be hard introducing your self on these kinda sites and yes i do like cartoons (love fairy odd parents lol) like some documentrys like Nat Geo's Air crash :P
    i have to say my fave kind of music is techno and trance stuff but im not to picky

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    Hi, yes my non DL intrests are Gaming, tv, film & most of the other furry stuff

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    Hi welcome, im a bit late but welcome I hope you have a truely amazing time here, Nice your a gamer, Are you computer or Xbox,Ps3,wii, etc i have them all just wondering if your pc the most, cus im a major pc gamer, I run/Own many thing's although i may be young i do make a decent ammount of cash ._. But mostly wanted to know what games you play I love meeting new gamer's So im very interested comment back asap please.

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    Hi, and thanks i am mostly an xbox i do play some games on pc but as mine is now very old i don't use it much for gaming any more my fave game has to be COD apart from the the other FPSs i do like simulation games sadly i don't get to go on my xbox much at the moment and i am waiting to get hold of a new gaming pc/laptop but since i have had my wages and working hours cuts i have to wait

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    My Pc's a rather old model aswel, Try PWE Game's theres a group on here that i own or w.e, Thats dedicated to gamers of that certain game company ^_^, Its realy good with a old comp its lag is medium not bad at all realy.

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    I play Battle of the immortals a Game Called RSCemulation, Flyff, Woi, Mana world online, Endless online, Soldat, An alot of others it would take me much a few days to name them all.

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