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Thread: Does anyone know

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    Default Does anyone know

    So Im a week and a half in this diaper wearing. I have been wearing everyday since i got my diapers in the mail. I love em and I've been having alot of fun in them. Although the crinkle sound is very loud. Which I do like and love, but i would like to wear my pants over my diaper and wear in public. I have put pants over them, but you can still hear the loudness of my diaper. Does anyone know what i can do to control the sound of my diaper? I.really would enjoy these more if i can wear in public.

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    no guts, no glory.....

    i really don't have a clue, sorry.

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    You can try wearing a different kind of diaper. They sell diapers that make less noise. Look it up on google.

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    We it really also depends on how you wear them, and how you tape them on. You should tape them on alittle on the snug side. Not too snug though. Also it depends on the clothes you are wearing. I'm assuming you are a girl, you might want to wear more fitted pants although you don't want to wear super skinny jeans either. A skirt or a casual dress might help. What kind of diapers do you wear?

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    girls are lucky to be able to go out in a dress with their diaper so exposed...

    Don't be too worried about a little crinkling, it's mainly something you will notice and nobody else around you will. My L4's crinkle a bit and I can hear it when I walk but I don't mind and no one notices. If you're still paranoid about it, wear something else on you that makes noise.

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    I find that when I wear boxers over my diapers, they're a bit quieter.

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    Unless you are in an absolute quiet environment it's not really an issue. There are so many noises going on at the same time nobody would be able to hear you.

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    In loud places (e.g. a mall, busy restaurant, big box stores) it won't really be that noticeable to anyone who doesn't know you are wearing. There is enough sound that honestly it will just blend into the rest of the noise; in quiet places though, it will be an issue.

    As for muffling the sound, I'm not entirely sure to be honest, as I've only really worn in public once. Common wisdom seems to be that wearing underwear over diapers can help muffle the sound somewhat (as well as help a bit in cases where the diaper may accidentally be seen). I would GUESS tights may work in that case as well then, but that is just purely a guess *shrugs*

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    Going to reiterate what others have already said here: unless you're in a really quiet place, the ambient noise is more than enough to mask the crinkle noise of the diaper. It might sound very loud when you're walking around your house, but it only takes a tiny amount of ambient noise to cover it up. I love the crinkle, especially in public so I actually go out of my way to make my diapers as noisy as possible with an extra crinkly pair of plastic pants, but nothing I do can make them audible in public places. One tip though, tight clothing seems to lead to less noise. The crinkle noise comes from the plastic folding and moving around, and it can't do that as much with tight clothing holding it in place. Of course tight clothing tends to make the diaper more visibly obvious, so there are tradeoffs.

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    Plastic pant kill the sound. Briefs help a lot.
    Also, tucking the plastic that rise above your belt line in the diaper will remove a lot of noise in some diapers.

    But don't worry, the sound is not very audible, unless you walk close to someone in a very silent and confined place.
    I wore diapers in class when I was 15. Back then, there was no cloth covered diapers and most diapers where very very noisy. I wore a brief over the diaper the kill the noise and it was sufficient.

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