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    I know there is a thread on telling your spouse but I can't seem to find it . Can someone post the link ?

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    hey, i tried to write on your wall, but I couldnt. i would love to chat with you sometime I am still trying to tell my hubby and maybe we can help each other?

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    TBG I would love to talk to you sometime about this too ! I wonder why it wouldn't let you write on my wall ?

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    If you guys want to write on a wall be sure to use pencil or washable ink ~.^

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    I have found a book on amazon by the name of There's a baby in my bed! :Learning to live happily with the Adult Baby in your relationship. by Rosalie Bent. it looks like a good resource to help with telling your spouse. I want to read it myself but the way it is written is directed to ones spouse with them as the audience so its not perfect for me but gives a good understanding of what they are going through when an abdl opens up.

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    Coboy , I read it anyway and some of it is okay but most doesn't really apply to me . I'm just not as extreme as some people like some on tv . I don't think there's anything wrong with them it's just not me . I dont really think I'd want to be made to do an entire weekend babied and diapered and forced to nap or stay in an area playing with baby toys as she tells the spouse/caregiver to do . But I am also more an Adult Kid than baby . And I like to little out after a stressful day but still like being an adult half the time too. Read it though ...I think I read it in a day .

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkpaciAlly View Post
    TBG I would love to talk to you sometime about this too ! I wonder why it wouldn't let you write on my wall ?
    I dont know, when I click on your wall it doesnt show vistor messages and doesnt give me an option for sending a personal message either. I have AIM though, you can send me a personal message and I'll give you my name, if you have one also, or we can chat on here too.

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    Private messaging was off but I turned it back on . Haven't used AIM in years so I'm not sure if I'll remember password but I'll see . Usually just use Facebook chat or yahoo messaging .

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