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Thread: huggies vs pampers vs luvs

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    Default huggies vs pampers vs luvs

    I was wondering if anyone had any input on which is best of the three. I have a 32 waist weigh 150 and looking for high absorbancy and poops but also comfy. Thanks for your input

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    Although baby diapers may looks appealing, they may not fit you, nor accommodate your mess. I would recommend adult diapers for your situation. I'm a bit smaller, and Huggies barely fit me, so anything you get may be too tight.

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    Thanks I currently have pull ups 4t-5t and they fit a little snug though. But they hold my messes quite well, I like when they leak anyway :P but thanks

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    There is company sell adult size of this brand I hvae not saw any reviews on ABDL side but there a lot of comments customer left and here the link below.

    Diaper Essentials

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    Thanks but my options are limited to dollar general because I know people that work at cvs and such and I still live at home so can't order online but thanks ill check it out anyway

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    The Huggies and luvs aren't as flexible and stretchable so I'd opt for pampers.. in the following order of desirability for what you describe wanting, sz 6 extra protection, cruisers in 7's (not 6) or babydry 6's

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    To the TC you will not find any baby diaper outside of maybe japan or china that will fit you even half way decently. Baby diapers are not meant to fit 17 year old boys. This is what adult diapers are for.

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