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Thread: Hi im new :)

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    Default Hi im new :)

    Hi all im new here my name is Richard im 19 and im a bit lost on the whole DL thing :s ive had these feelings since i was 14 i was and am still realy confused hoping 4 some advice :/ oh and sorry if my spelling is bad im dyslexic :s

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    Welcome to ADISC, Richard. If you feel a bit lost, read around the posts on the various topics and you will find that many are in much the same position, especially younger people. There is plenty of advice, both on and off topic. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE SPELLING. Communication is the important thing and you do that very well. You will quickly realise there is much worse spelling on the site than yours, but it doesn't matter, this isn't school! Put in some posts, enjoy yourself, ask your questions and I am sure people will respond. Paul.

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    Yes welcome and don't worry about the dyslexia. You can always post that you are dyslexic on your signature. We have another member who posts that he has a severe learning disability. We all love and accept him. This is a great site for acceptance, and somewhere in all of our lives, we were looking for acceptance, whether it was for diapers, sexuality, and all the other things which make us human.

    Just enjoy the site and feel free to join in. We will want to get to know you, so if you want to share with us your hobbies, music likes, or any thing that you enjoy doing, feel comfortable is so doing. I'm a professional musician who writes stories, and loves getting out on the bike trail. I own two Trek bikes, one a road bike and the other a hybrid.

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    Thanks you very much for making me feel welcome cool i like bikeing too i have bobcat trail Marin competition series its off road dose the best workout on your legs :p my fav music is R&B soul and pop like, katy parry, jessie J. Im a training chef nvq 3 qulafid but out of work at the moment had two good jobs befor but missed my family so much i went back to live with them and they dont know im a DL wish i wasent i keep thinking somthings wrong in my head :p why cant i just be normal :s i was a bit suicidal when i was in collage slit my wrists alot im just realy insacure :/

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    Welcome, I'm sure you will find solution for all of your question. And like they say don't worry about your spelling, I'm french and my synthax is holly bad XD. So if you are unsecure, I think the best is trying to tell an organism, we may help you as we can, maybe we aren't "psy" :S. So take care

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    as one dyslexic to another;
    welcome and warm Greetings, Richard....... (soft smile)

    i myself use two spell-checkers at the same time and still can't find words, reverse both letters and words. and even double type words. just ponder how bad it would be without a computer.....

    i know that once you become at ease, you will enjoy it here.

    lodge wrecker.....
    (waves to DogBoy)

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    Thank you ye i use my pc for everything im correcting words i cant spell now i also read my posts over and over to make shore i dont make any mastaks. Its just the way it is, just dont want people thinking im dumb just coz i dont use gramer and make mastaks :/

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