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    Default dollar general overnight pants

    I was wondering if anyone had tried the dollar general bed wetting diapers, and if so what are your thoughts on them? Also, which is better pampers, huggies, or luvs? Thanks

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    I would try Luvs. It is probably your best bet out of those three, and I think the patterns are cute.

    As for the dollar general brand bed wetting diapers, I'm not exactly sure. It can't hurt to try them though!

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    Thanks I was thinking the live cuz they are cute and yeah dollar general doesn't sell goodnites and I can't go to cvs or anything bc I know ppl that work there

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    A while back, there was a thread that mentioned the DG Over-night pants. I did not know they sold their own brand, but I looked for them in their store. I found them, so I decided to buy a pack of the largest size they offer and see how they fit. I could pull them on with no problem, but the fit was very snug. If I did not move around too much, they were alright, but if I did move around in them, the tear-away sides did just that, they tore apart. They did not work for me as a pull-up pant, but they do make very good diaper stuffers once the side seams are torn apart. If I had a smaller body frame, they would have worked much better.

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    Price wise, go for Luvs, performance wise pampers is first but luvs is a close second. Hope this helps!

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    I have around a 31-32 inch waist and surprisingly they fit quite well. They don't really absorb that much but are an okay diaper as long as you don't flood them.

    I wore one once while up on a roof tearing a house down and they let me go pee without getting up and down the ladder too often. That is just letting it out a little at a time.

    That's been around 2 years ago. Haven't worn them since. But plan to get another package soon.

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    Thanks I have a job so I don't care about price lol but ill have to try them and some pampered thanks

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