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Thread: To wet, or not to wet?

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    Default To wet, or not to wet?

    So guys i cannot decide... i am home alone for the first time in ages and have my very last adult diaper on. so i wet now or do i take the advantage and sleep in it?? helpppp

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    Will you be able to dispose of the nappy discreetly the next day if you decide to sleep while wearing?

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    yes, parents are not home until later, and they leave me be anyway

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    Might as well prolong the enjoyment if it doesn't distract from a good nights sleep.

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    Were I you, I would sleep in it and wet it in the morning, or wet it now and then sleep in the wet diaper.

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    I would wet it and sleep in it. You will feel relaxed and warm.

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    hmm.. i don't blame you for not wanting to sleep in a wet diaper, nor for wetting your last diaper.
    i'd say wear it up to k-mart next chance and buy some more

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    Title to this topic sounds something like a name for a movie.

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    IMHO sleeping is one of the best activities to do padded. The diaper also tends to last the longest then too since you're not moving around much.

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